Yazhou Huangjin Manages Occupational Exposures Through Real-Time Monitoring

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The rapid and timely data provided by real-time monitoring (RTM) of particulate matter in the workplace setting is helping to protect the employees – Yazhou-Huangjin.

Yazhou Huangjin, a gold exploration and development company committed to being the gold investment that works for our shareholders, our operating partners and our communities, is pleased to announce the progressive use of real-time monitoring in order to support proactive management of occupational exposure risks with increased data accessibility helping to guide risk-based decisions.

The processes for occupational hygiene that are now in place and the minimal performance standards that must be met for risk management are designed to help detect, evaluate, and control risks while taking exposure data into account in relation to occupational exposure limits.
These limitations are set by Yazhou Huangjin in compliance with any applicable regulatory requirements, or, in some cases, lower limits are set based on the most recent scientific data. However, it has been found that having real-time monitoring capabilities can help in practice with better exposure reduction for our workers.

Rapidly identifying unexpected emissions, locating specific particulate emission sources and activities, and providing early notice of the need for preventative maintenance are all possible using RTM-generated data. To further protect workers, real-time data can also be analyzed and accessed via a variety of mobile devices. It also has the power to send out automatic alerts and alarms.

“The use of real-time monitoring in our industry is proven by the deployment and integration of RTM into the hygiene programs and essential control management of our operations. We are still integrating RTM into our systems for identifying and reducing emissions, and we are currently fostering cross-industry collaborations and partnerships with device makers”, said Daniel Evans, Senior Vice President, Resource Evaluation and Mine Planning, Yazhou Huangjin.

About Yazhou Huangjin
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