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Woodenstreet’s Alluring 3 Photo Frames For Locking The Best Moments

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Wooden Street
AECS Layout, Singasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Karnataka 560068 

At A Glance
Start-Up:- Wooden Street
Founders:- Lokendra Ranawat, Dinesh Pratap Singh, Virendra Ranawat, Vikas Baheti
Year it was found:- 2015
Location:- Udaipur, Rajasthan
Section – Furniture e-commerce
Unique Selling Point – Custom-Made Furniture

In this digital fast forward moving world, where the sole reason of clicking a picture is to get maximum likes, comment and share from the outside world but still nothing can beat the essence of photo frames that is beautifully placed in our room. Wooden Street has the premium class frames inversion of 3 which not only revive you your best emotion but also emerge as a decorative unit for your house.

Wooden Street is a significant contributor to the Indian furniture Industry known for its superior expertise. They provide furniture units for all types of requirement and also deals in customized, and tailor-made services in interior design. The feature of modifying of products and services according to the customer requirement makes it a better choice in comparison to its coequals. They have adopted themselves according to the needs of the customer and worked accordingly.

They have Three photo frames in multiple options such as in numerous price range, finishes, materials, and color. The availability in different options helps the customer to choose among the vast variety of product.
The frame by Wooden Street is made up of mango wood which is known for serving long. The glass pane used in front of it is made up of tough quality glass which increases its value. With just a simple piece of cloth, you can clear the dust from the frames for its great and comfortable furnishing.

The 3 photo frames by Wooden Street are cherry on the cake for your room decor. These are subdivided in the category of folding and non-folding options. The best moment spent with your loved ones arranged beautifully can complement the interior of your room.

Wooden Street also has the set of three photo frames in different proportionate sizes which looks great when arranged creatively. The three best snaps of your life journey can remind you of the moments you wish to remember again and again.
Usually, other furniture firms produced photo frames in a single color and did not experiment much on that. Wooden Street has photo frame in vibrant and vivid colors like blue, yellow, white and black that goes with the choice of the consumer and also with the interior of the room.

While buying any unit the main criteria a person looks for the price because sometimes what we desire doesn’t suit our budget. This triple photo frame unit is the best example of smart purchase as the wide range of price allows the buyer to go for the unit which suits his/her budget.

Wooden Street, which is rated among India’s top rated furniture units also deals in another version of photo frames such as Family, Double, 4 photo frames and mirrors. They provide wide varieties for its customers in various varieties.

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