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Wooden Street Enchants the Focal Area Fascinatingly with Divans in Bangalore Collection

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A living room comprises of all the furniture that is meant to enhance the central hub with comfort and looks that the place desires. So, along with the sofa set, it is a divan that has all the goodness of a stunning sofa and a comfortable bed.

Therefore, Wooden Street has introduced divans in the Bangalore store that are with astonishing making and incomparable comfort. All the divans in the Bangalore collection are made with sheesham wood available in honey, teak, walnut and mahogany finish.

There are masses of designs with various serviceability along with each of the divans. With modern and contemporary makings all the divans are worth looking at.

Some of the most popular add on’s with divans are mentioned below:

Low Height Divans
Low height divans are said to be highly in trend in the present day. Being low it is accessible for all age group and the look that it gives is termed to be the most modish.
Wooden Street has such divans in its Bangalore collection like Leona divan. It is with the sober making of armrests while its low height signifies the voguish vibe. In fact, it is the length and broadness that makes it snugly for all.

Divans with Backrest and Armrest
Some of the divans today are also made such that it can be a divan bed and a divan sofa too. Sufficient backrest and armrest make it comfortable and perfect to be placed in the living room with the sofa chairs.
For instance, Wooden Street has Angelica divan in its Bangalore collection. This divan is with adjoining backrest and armrests that are intricately carved with floral pattern. The legs are also made with detailing that makes it to a beautiful traditional design.
Such divan sofas are ideal to be propped in the living room too.

Divans with Storage
Some of the divans are not just made for a restful sofa bed above, but there are also facilitated storage below to make it more functional.
Just like Wooden Street has Benicio divan with storage in the Bangalore store. It has two broad storage drawers below that can be accessed with a pull. This gives ample furniture above to rest on, while broad drawers below make it the most capacious to declutter the abode.

Sober Divans
Everyone always thinks of bringing home furniture that is with the best of designs and most of the creativity. But sometimes it is simple furniture that grabs the award of still being the most admirable for the place.
For instance, Wooden Street has Cadoc divan in the Bangalore store which is made with the simplest making and there is also a drawer below with a contrasting appeal. Thus, it turns out to be a divan with a contemporary appearance.

Poster with Divans
Poster beds have always been heard of and admired. But poster divans are something even more unusual yet catchy.
Consider the example of Kelson poster divan from Wooden Street’s Bangalore collection. This poster is with a simple, low-height divan below and the poster poles above and on the sides are made to compliment the looks.
Moreover, it is all wrapped in wooden grain pattern to boost the look.
The ones mentioned above are some of the divans in Bangalore hub with varieties of comfort and charm, additional features along with act as a cherry on top.
For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.

These are the best of what Wooden Street gives with its Divans in Bangalore collection. Lots of place to rest with an abundance of storage area makes it more luring.

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