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Wooden Street Brings A Joy Of Comfort Through Double Bed Mattress

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Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
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Have you checked out a comfortable and soft mattress at your friend’s house?

And you are impressed by it?

These days the mattresses are available in various kinds of materials and in different sizes to make our sleeping session healthier. This time Wooden Street has come up with the product which is used by us on a daily basis, double bed mattresses.

Wooden Street has several double bed mattresses which are made from the different quality materials which provide great comfort. This online store offers an option for customers to design home furnishing units according to their style and comfort too.

Wooden Street brings a variety of double mattresses in different such as king size and queen size mattress. You can even customize the size and thickness of the mattress according to the dimension of your bed.

Every type of double mattress available at Wooden Street offers comfortable sleep and made from the high-quality material. Different mattresses available at this store are designed thoughtfully and carefully.

Mermaid 5 Inch Bonded Foam King Size Mattress 78”x72” By Kurlon :
Mermaid 5 inch king size mattress is made from the material called as foam. This material is blended so softly, firmly and offers durability with utmost body support. This mattress has the ability to give uniform pressure relief across the whole regardless of our sleeping position.

Mermaid double bed mattress provides a highly flexible and soft platform for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Relish 6 Inch Pocket Spring Queen Size Mattress 72”x60” By Kurlon :
Relish 6-inch queen size mattress is made from the material called as pocket spring. In this double bed mattress, manganese alloy and high-quality carbon with high tensile springs are present which make it comfortable. This mattress is designed in such a way that it can quickly reduce the pressure points and toss and turning also. Spring as a material has the ability to offer firm support and contours back pain too.

The spring which presents in the middle in the middle of Relish 6 inch double bed mattress makes it more long-lasting. This mattress offers heat, so which always give warming effect to the body when we sleep, and one can quickly get healthy sleep.

New Ortho 5 Inch Coir Queen Size Mattress 75”x60” By Kurlon :
New Ortho 5 inch queen size mattress is made from the material is called as coir. This material is quite popular due to its unique built. Basically, coir means the outer husk of the coconut. The husk which is present below the foam of double bed mattress gives the utmost comfort and best for providing quality sleep. Plus, this material makes New Ortho 5 inch queen size mattress more durable for the next significant years. This material is best suited for the people who are allergic to dust.

The design of the coir double bed mattress is airier which let the air circulate through it. Hence, New Ortho 5 inch queen size mattress maintains a cool temperature and helps in keeping back muscles straight and pain-free.

It is said that- a comfortable mattress keeps us in alignment and not cause any pressure on our body. So, Wooden Street has come up with the variety of double bed mattresses which are made from different kinds of material. Every material helps to give quality sleep makes everyone feel happy, energetic and fresh.

The perfect sleeping platform offers you all comfort which you crave every time. For the comfortable and healthy sleep, you can also customize the double bed mattresses according to your needs. A customization is a great option provided by Wooden Street. Through this option, you can design your home furnishing units in your style.

Wooden Street also offers the customisation and interior design facility with free delivery and installation service to their customers as an advantage.

To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 or visit:

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