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Wooden Street Adds Charm to a Small Kids Room with Diversity of Bunk Beds

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Start-Up: Wooden Street
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Year It was Founded: 2015
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Many of the families often face this situation when their kids demand space for themselves to sleep, but unfortunately, the room is too small for two beds inside. It is here that bunk beds come forward as a total saviour of space and comfort.
Wooden Street has, therefore, commenced a range of bunk beds that are with so many specs to pick from. Each of the bunk beds in the collection is made from sheesham wood or mango wood. These wooden bunk beds are available in honey, teak, walnut and mahogany finish to choose the bed that matches the most with the aura.

With the sturdiness of solid wood, all the bunk beds are also summated with add ons that make the bunk beds even comfier. There are many facilities associated with bunk beds in the Wooden Street collection that make it ideal for a small room.
Some of such goodness is mentioned down here:

Subtle Bunk Bed
This is the first and foremost definition of a comfy bed for the siblings.
Just like Wooden Street has Hercules bunk bed in its collection. It has two comfortable beds one above the other and the tall ladders alongside make both the bed easily accessible.

Bunk Beds with Drawer Storage
Some of the bunk beds are made with a vision to provide a bed that gives easy storage access even to the tiniest ones. So, these bunk beds are accompanied with drawer storage that gives the maximum storing place that can also be easily accessed.
Just like Wooden Street has Cheshire bunk bed with storage in its collection. This bed is surrounded with drawers on all sides that gives ample place to store. While these are located at a height that all age groups can reach.

Bunk Beds with Wardrobe
For those little ones who have such a small room that not enough wardrobe can be accommodated, bunk beds with wardrobe are a blessing.
For instance, there is a bunk bed called Blossom bunk bed in the collection of Wooden Street. This bunk bed is with a pull out drawer below and there is a tall cupboard at the side. So, it can be a support for a room with a shortage of wardrobes and spaces.

Bunk Beds with Study
This bunk bed is ideal for a single kid in the room, but it makes sense when the room is very small. Its because this furniture is fully-fledged with a bed, study and storage in one single unit for a tiny room.

Consider the example of Lucifer kids bed with storage from Wooden Street which is an epitome of the same. It has a bunk bed on top and there is a study table with stool right below it. There are also shelves at the side.
Such a bunk bed becomes completely useful to be placed in a small kids room for a single person.
Some of the features like these with the bunk beds make it outstanding furniture to give a snug bed to the two. Moreover, it makes it even handier to be placed in a little room of the two kids.

For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.

The above mentioned are some of the variants in the category of bunk beds that Wooden Street has in its collection.

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