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Women can now pee without hesitation with pee on the go funnels

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Whether you are a traveller, love to attend events and concerts, you must have experienced an issue that is felt by many women. It’s about where to pee without inviting infections and causing trouble. Many time, women select to hold their pee as the bathroom they’re visiting is so dirty and unhygienic.

It is unsafe to not pee for hours as our bodies gets exposed to harmful bacteria that increases the chances getting a urinary tract infection. Many of us also select not to sit down on the commode. There is a solution to all bad experiences and inconvenience caused. Stand and pee on the go is a portable and disposable female urination device. Women can stand and pee in unclean toilets. This is also recommended by doctors to use at the time of pregnancy and arthritis.

The toilets get dirty and it is due to this reason women find it very uncomfortable to attend outdoor concerts. The worst situation is at the time of pregnancy, life becomes redistricted for a lady when it takes a lot of efforts to sit and stand while peeing. The chances of UTIs also get increased. Moreover, the exertion of sitting down and then standing back for peeing again also troubles women with arthritis. Hence, this female urinary system is the ultimate solution of all the problems.

The toilet habits of both men and women are different. Men can stand and pee anywhere while women are worried about many factors while planning the day and their trips. If you are working and the office is located only half hour away then you can use the loo at home before leaving home. Also, before leaving office, you can use the toilet.
But the case is different for lengthy affairs such as marathons, flights concerts, and so on. The condition of the public toilets in India is worst especially for a woman. Hence, it is required to plan her activities.

Any woman of any age group can use this product. Be it a college-going youth or working professional, during pregnancy or in old age, a woman can use pee on the go anytime and anywhere.

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