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Why Is Ruby on Rails Is Highly Appealing To Start-Ups?

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If you understand how software development technology works or you have done any application development, then you should be able to understand this section.

Ruby on Rails or ROR is essentially a framework to build web applications. Programming language of the ruby is designed for developer’s happiness. The language is object-oriented. It comes with a slightly different but starts that with time, developers develop more sense about.

Rails, on the other hands, are written in ruby. Here it is crucial to understand that Rails follows the MVC design pattern. Here model in ‘Model View Controller’ holds businesses logic and interact with the database to persist data. Whereas Views are responsible for displaying data and controllers on the other hands play its role of managing the interaction between the view and the models.

Innovative and Powerful Libraries:

Rails libraries are known as Gems. The libraries of rails make the framework powerful. ROR has more than 1000s of gems which make the framework highly useful for developers. The ready to use features means a lot when you hire ruby on rails application developer as it helps them build complex applications. At GitHub, one can easily found and download gems when needed to build complex apps.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework. It means developers or ruby and rails development companies do not need to pay a fee to use the framework for project development. One can download the entire source code from Github.

One can contribute to the framework:

One of the interesting things of ROR is anyone can contribute back to the source code to make the platform better. If you outsource ruby on rails development company and using ROR for your project and somewhere you realized some features should be there as it does not currently have, you can contribute the feature on Github. Although you contribute to Github, the community first ensure the contribution is useful to everyone and the quality of the code is good. It is the way Rails has become highly popular, developed, and maintained web app development framework for the past ten years.

Popular Choice Among Start-ups

Airbnb, Kickstarter, Groupon, Hulu, Slideshare, and Soundcloud are using Ruby on Rails. These companies have dominated the startup space with the smart use of technologies, including ROR. The framework enables startups to create a first version of the website fast and let them get the user onboard quickly. As it’s open-source, it also makes ROR appealing to startups.

Wrapping Up

From the last ten years, the Rails ecosystem has matured so fast all because of dedicated developers and its community. The number of websites is increasing every year. So, what are you waiting for?

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