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VMware cloud hosting and data recovery services brought to you by VPLS

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California 92867 
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Phone:+1 (866) 616-9099

VPLS describe themselves as a worldwide leader in cloud and managed services. Currently they host over 15,000 servers and over five million websites for a variety of businesses. Their portfolio of companies is diverse, and they have experience across many sectors.

VPLS’ products and services include infrastructure IT management, cloud services, disaster recovery, IT support, network services, data storage, web design and cyber security. Their three main services are cloud solutions, backup solutions, and network solutions. The backup solution package centers around assisting businesses with all aspects of their disaster recovery service solution needs. This includes providing companies with cloud backup and data recovery options. VPLS will create a plan for disaster recovery and can deliver exceptionally fast recovery and economic prices. They claim to be able to give customers true peace of mind, that their data is safe. VPLS cloud solutions are reliable cloud hosting services. They are powered by VMware cloud services, and include 247 support, hardware and software. VPLS will also help businesses to keep an offsite backup of their data through their cloud programs. Finally, VPLS offer network solutions and high bandwidth connectivity for cloud services.

In addition to the cloud based programs, VPLS also offer managed IT services, security services and web design and programming services. Their managed services include IT support and enterprise mobility. Security service packages include email and web security, endpoint protection, compliance management and training.

VPLS has experience hosting brands and top websites in the United States, China and South Korea. Their team of over 100 people are based in both southern California and Thailand, all of whom a series of expert qualifications. VPLS boasts a number of accolades and achievements. They claim to have a network with over 500 Gbps of capacity, they transfer an average of 82 trillion bits daily, and they have built their own network of over 19,000 switch ports.

They have an impressive reach with seven data centers that focus on colocation and disaster recovery. They are also a VMware Enterprise Service Provider, one the original 31 providers globally, and they are proud to be able to handle hundreds of thousands of support tickets for their customers. As well as this expertise, VPLS’ executive team bring a wealth of technology experience and knowledge to the business. VPLS new cloud and data services give companies a wide range of specialized IT solutions thatutilizes technology to improve businesses.

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