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Pathological tests and body imaging are now an indispensable part of allopathy treatments. Medical science has evolved a lot and growing faster. Medical practitioners don’t need to undertake symptomatic treatments. They observe the symptoms closely and prescribe some tests that help them to spot the issues and take a fixed decision regarding a treatment procedure. This makes the treatments more accurate and cost-effective. With the help of Sprint Diagnostics, a reputed and popular Hyderabad diagnostic center, you can now undertake all kinds of pathological tests and imaging.

Sprint Diagnostics offers several services such as laboratory services, radiology, neurology, cardiology, and nuclear medicines. Today Sprint Diagnostics is one of the most trusted diagnostic centers in Hyderabad. It is providing a wide array of diagnostic services through there seven diagnostic centers located in different parts of Hyderabad. You can visit any center anytime with your prescription for lab testing and general other tests. In case of body imaging like MRI, CT Scan, Bone Mineral Density tests, Ultrasound, and Digital X-rays, you need prior booking. Professional customer service executives are always ready to help you with all sorts of technical and non-technical information. If you need to book a slot, you can contact them through their website as well. In case, you are unable to understand the medical terms written on the prescription, you can send them an image of the prescription and they will clear the matter.

The customer service of Sprint Diagnostics will help you take preparation before the tests. They will provide full guidelines on how the testing will take place. There are lots of tests and imaging like blood sugar tests and USG where you need to remain empty stomach for a certain hour. You will get complete information on all these matters over the telephone or online chat. Sprint Diagnostics is a popular Hyderabad diagnostic center for valid reasons. Too few diagnostic centers in Hyderabad have PET CT Scan and Gamma Camera facilities. There are neurology department is also very updated. They offer electroencephalography (EEG) and Electroneuromyography (ENMG), both of these services are immensely important in detecting different neurological disorders in patients. Needless to say, their pathological service has everything that the medical practitioners need for proper and timely diagnosis of hundreds of different diseases including highly contagious diseases and chronic diseases.

Sprint Diagnostics also provides a home collection facility that makes the timely testing of elder patients, pregnant women, and many other patients possible. They also provide online delivery of reports that make the treatments really fast.

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