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Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Top VoIP Products

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Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd, also known as Vindaloo VoIP, is a leading IT company. The spokesperson of the company has announced to offer top VoIP products. These are ready to use products and available to purchase with a lifetime license.

As per the shared details, for more than 4 years, Vindaloo VoIP has been offering VoIP development and related services. The company has experienced teams of VoIP developers in different VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, and OpenSIPs. By using the expertise of the team, the company has developed four different VoIP products.

The spokesperson of the company provided brief details about each of these products which are briefed below:
It is a VoIP Softswitch solution. It is a robust VoIP switch which contains top features of class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solutions. It also has an inbuilt billing system. It is a multilingual solution so it can be used in any country or in a business that caters to multiple countries. It can be used to provide both, wholesale and retail VoIP services.

It is a class 4 Softswitch solution, which is developed to provide a reliable solution to the wholesale VoIP service providers. It supports multiple codecs, protocols, and carriers to provide an all in one system that is compatible with all other systems to do wholesale business. It is also multilingual and offers comprehensive VoIP billing system to its users.

As per the shared details, it is a multi tenant conferencing software solution. It can be used to run audio, video and web conferencing. It is furnished with an amazing range of features to provide an interactive platform that can be used to have an engaging meeting or conference. It can be accessed from any device, at anytime, from anywhere. It is perfect to empower remote communication and collaboration.

It is an Online Appointment Scheduling software solution developed for corporate organizations and individual professionals. It can be used by any number of users once it is purchased. It can be integrated with existing calendar of the customer to make it easier to adopt. It offers a wide range of features which not only make appointment scheduling operations easy, but they also send reminders to make sure everyone participate in the scheduled meeting which can be a physical meeting or a virtual one.

The spokesperson of the company announced that all these products are also showcased on the website with individual webpages. All products are explained in detail with its top features and benefits. The company has also added a VoIP Product menu which redirects to the main page that gives brief details about all different solutions.

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