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Video Conferencing As A Pro. You are ready for closure

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Our lives and our business are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we communicate with one another is changing. If there was anything upfront to this, it is that we have video conference technology unlike the 1918 Spanish Flue, which allows us to stay in touch without any real touch.

The CloudConnect Communications team transitions to this new fact, like many businesses around the world. 95% of our officers and staff work from home and keep their business equipment running through regular online meetings.

We have been with us for some time and have used a lot personally to communicate through Facebook, WeConference, Skype, Zoom, and others. But there is a difference between Facetime chilling and a brief at the meeting of the staff. Information dissemination is only one reason why regular webcam meetings are important. It is equally important to keep our work culture and our interpersonal relationships while working in close proximity with everyone through the lens of a webcam and the sound of a microphone.

In this post, I’m going to share with you some video conferencing tips I learned over the years of hosting YouTube Shows and video conferencing with clients.

I’m going to take you through the basics, then give you instructions on how you can look like you’re in the next office.
Whether you’ve got a Mac or a PC, the better the RAM and the quicker it is. RAM 16 GB is great, but 8 GB is going to do it.

Internet connection matters – a lot.
Most ISP firms struggle to meet the growth of broadband due to the #COVID-19 pandemic which caused millions of people to stay or work from home. It is an Internet bandwidth measurement of 10 MBPS (megabits/seconde). The faster data reaches your computer as the download speed in Mbps increases.

The faster and clearer your video and audio information reaches your public the higher the upload speed in Mbps.
Your Microphone is your voice.

In a video, recorded or live, the most important thing is quality AUDIO. Bad light or blurred images may be supported, but we can’t engage if we can’t hear.

The built-in Webcams, microphones, and speakers are included with both iMac desktops and laptops. They also contain many PC’S. These are all right for facetiming or skyping, but they are not going to be cut off for #VideoConferences with customers or working partners.

For this, there are a few explanations. Let’s start the microphone. Let’s start.
Wear headphones. They may be just as straightforward as earbuds or as complex as a podcast microphone.
You are some distance from the mic when you use a machine mic. This enables plenty of ambient noise to enter the microphone between you. Were you ever calling a video and your guest sounds like talking in a very big empty space? If you speak in their ears, you want your guest to hear you as they would.

Wearing a microphone headset, similar to those our CloudConnect-agents use, is the easiest way to do this. Your voice is going to be clear, and you can hear without distraction from the environment.

If you use audio and listening laptop or desktop, you can receive feedback, as the audio from your internal speakers is sent back and forth through your microphone, and on and on.

The best way is to listen by using a headset. There is no chance that the audio of the speaker would interfere with the sound of the device.

I also use the microphone, especially when I record a video as that pictured here. This is a USB microphone Yeti Blue desktop. It has long been around and is still at the top of the ranking lists.
It is important for the poor audio not to distract from the experience when I make Hangouts and demo videos.
The built-in microphone on your machine is perfect as long as you use a pair of earbuds or headsets.
Your Webcam is your portal.

Most computer-supplied cameras are ideal for most video conferencing applications, such as Facebook Live, WeConference, Zoom, Skype, etc.

I suggest an external camera for better performance and more control over what’s seen. It offers versatility in that it can be mounted on or on a tripod and anywhere you want.

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