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Use Automatic Gate System For Higher Security And Smart Movement

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Automatic gates are used to control the movements of humans and vehicles in a secured area. Most commonly, an automatic gate system is used in facilities like residential complexes, big office areas, factories, and supermarkets. Somfy has designed and developed various types of automatic gates suitable for different facilities. Their automated gates are even used in private buildings as well. With an automated gate, traffic control becomes easy and fast in those areas where traffic control is mandatory like in a factory area where every vehicle cannot be allowed to enter inside or there is a need of checking a vehicle entering or leaving a godown or housing complex. Automated gates cannot be opened by an unknown person. This keeps a property safe in several ways.

An automated gate is composed of two components: the gate and gate operator. The gate is the physical structure that can slide in and out to close or open the gate. Gates are normally made of chain-link materials such as galvanized steel wire or ornamental iron. Gates are designed to adjust with the fencing or wall put up adjacent to the gate. The gate operator is a system that moves the gate in and out. This is a complex system made of several intricate tools, devices, and equipment. There may be sensors in several parts to interact with the remote control, objects, and humans. The whole system is electrically-powdered that transforms to mechanical power driving the gate in and out.

Think of a situation when you are waiting outside your office in your car. The gatekeeper will come and open the gate. If the gatekeeper is not present at that time, you have to wait or get out of the cart to open it and then again get in the car once again to drive in. It’s time-consuming and irritating whereas with the automatic gate system, use the remote control sitting in your car to open and close the gate. Somfy has also designed an app-based gate control system that helps you operate the gate even from a distance.

Contact Somfy with your need. They will provide all necessary information and technical support to get the right kind of automated gate for any property you have.

About Somfy: Somfy is the pioneer of automated systems like automated blinds and gates. At present, they are operating in 57 countries through 121 subsidiaries. Somfy is in constant search of reliable and sustainable solutions for smart operations, a smart home, and better life.

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