Up to 40% privileges are available to owners of used cars in Porsche Center Pulkovo

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The dealership is offering benefits amid increased demand for used car service.

Porsche Center Pulkovo, part of Avtodom Group of Companies, provides special conditions for owners of all Porsche models older than 8 years. Service cost reduced by 40%. Prices for original spare parts are reduced by 20%. Dealership specialists carry out a free body wash, interior cleaning and wheel inflation at each visit. They fix tire damage, change fluids, wiper blades and key and tag batteries as it need.

The number of used passenger cars has increased by 12 million units (up 36%) over the past decade. It has exceeded 45 million pieces. The average life of passenger cars in the country exceeds 14 years. More than 60% of cars are older than 10 years. Russians’ interest in buying used cars has increased this year. Therefore, four used cars accounted for one new car in January 2022. The ratio was 1 to 10 by the beginning of August, taking into account the existing shortage of new cars. Growth in demand for premium used cars, including crossovers, is observed. For example, sales of cars in the SUV segment with mileage increased by 30% in summer to 145 000 cars. These figures increased by 5% compared to August last year. The luxury car market increased by 27.5% to 7 thousand units at the end of the summer as well. The shortage of new cars in Russia leads to an increase in the average life of cars. The used car segment will develop in the near future.

Motorists run the risk of receiving poor-quality service and spare parts that do not have Porsche homologation when contacting non-certified service stations. This may lead to additional costs in the future. Do not trust unverified service stations. It is recommended to contact the official dealer centers, where there are certified equipment and professional specialists who are trained annually. Porsche Center Pulkovo opened in 2010. These employees have known vehicles older than 8 years since they were purchased. Porsche Center Pulkovo provides privileges for servicing cars older than 8 years.

Reliability, durability and high build quality are hallmarks of Porsche vehicles. If you pay due attention to regular and timely maintenance, significant damage will not occur even during long-term operation of the car. That is why it is important to seriously approach the choice of a service center. Porsche Center Pulkovo specialists carry out car repairs using certified equipment in the shortest possible time.

“Long history, reliability and comfort distinguish the Porsche brand. Care is essential for any vehicle. Regular diagnostics of the operation of components and assemblies and updating consumables reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase the life of the car, – Alexey Bezzubov, head of the after-sales service department at Porsche Center Pulkovo noted. – A full range of services for diagnostics, repair and car care is carried out at the Porsche Center Pulkovo. Work with VAT on services and consumables is one of the important advantages of Porsche Center Pulkovo. This is a double benefit for legal entities. Porsche cars will retain their best performance and last a long time if their owners contact the service center in a timely manner. That is why we offer customers privileges for the maintenance of any Porsche cars and invite them to evaluate all the benefits of the Porsche Center Pulkovo service”.