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Switzerland is a country in Western Europe where about 2,000 American students study abroad each year. Switzerland has two major economic centres: Zurich and Geneva. The country is situated among the Swiss Alps, which provide a diverse range of geographical features such as mountains, forests, open pastures, and large lakes. Despite its location in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland has a mild climate. Switzerland’s culture is very diverse due to its location between many different European countries, making it an excellent place to study abroad. It is a directory of international education opportunities in Switzerland that includes university-level study abroad, internships, volunteer opportunities, and intensive language school programmes geared toward American college and university students. Some pre-college and post-graduate options are also available.

Life in Switzerland
Switzerland is known for its snow-covered Alpine peaks, geopolitical neutrality, high-tech watches, gourmet chocolate, yodelling mountaineers, and sophisticated banking. It can also be referred to as die Schweiz, La Suisse, or Svizzzera. However, Swiss educational institutions provide fascinating extracurricular and academic chances for you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant, energetic, and hi-tech Switzerland that you have yet to experience.

Benefits of Study in Switzerland

High Education System

Switzerland follows the Bologna education scheme, which is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. International students can have their educational credentials transferred to their home institutions through this system.

Cost of Study

The cost of living in Switzerland for Indian students will vary depending on the city and location. An Indian student needs approximately INR 1,02,000-1,32,000 per month to cover housing, transportation, food, and utility expenses.

Jobs for Student

International students may work 15 hours per week throughout the academic year while in Switzerland and 40 hours per week during breaks. This alternative is beneficial for students to make money and cover their daily needs given the high cost of living.

UniLife Abroad Services

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Help to select the right study programs based on the candidate’s academic profile and career interest.
Help students with admission to the College or University as per their decisions.
Help to prepare the complete application for Student Visas.
Helps with the extensions of the Study Permit.
Help to find a job while studying or after completing the study.
Help to prepare the application package for Multiple Entry Visa.
Help students with Permanent Residency.

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