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TravQ leaps on to target hotel industries through Channel Management

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TravQ has been at the front line in the development of a channel management system for the hotel business for over a number of years. Indeed, our industry-driving administrations that have been structured not exclusively to incorporate the majority of the highlights we have discussed here yet a lot more which can be included according to customers requirements.

We attempt to give the channel the clients as indicated by the necessities of our them without upsetting their worth and convictions. Channel management system manages online distribution channels which is helpful in the sale of your travel-related inventory to different agents across the globe.

Channel management system in the hotel industry is a structure that allows hotel owner to manage online distribution channels that help in boosting sale of the hotel inventory to variety of travel agents across the globe which includes online travel agents (OTAs), retail travel agents, Meta Search Engines (or aggregators) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) as well.

It is a fact that the Channel Management System manages each and everything that goes around working of the hotel reservation system pretty well. It’s one of the important tools which is liked by every hotel owner who wants to have it on board. We at TravQ develop the most effective and efficient channel management system that is beneficial for entire hotels in the concerned industry.

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TravQ is a travel technology wing of Quantumsoftech and a decisive move to cater to the Hospitality and Travel Industry. We have been at the forefront of channel management that enabled the hotel industry to be on top for over many years. TravQ have simplified the working of the hotel industry through the channel management system. We try to provide channel management services according to the requirements of our clients without disrupting their values and beliefs.

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