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Senitron provides complete RFID solutions to business organizations. Senitron’s inventory solution is the easiest and most comprehensive solution in the market. Using our inventory tracking and management system, you can print labels, track any mobile or fixed reader, compare and check inventory, and many more.

About Senitron

Senitron RFID solutions are the leading software for RFID inventory, asset management, real-time RFID tracking, and automation for various verticals, such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, law enforcement, and government.

Senitron helps companies deploy RFID technologies that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. We support small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations through the selection, deployment, maintenance, and servicing of technology products that capture, manage, and integrate business, personal, or product data.

How Does An RFID Inventory Tracking System Work?

Accurate inventory management can increase sales by up to 33%. Following are some advantages and benefits you can get if installing the Senitron RFID inventory system.

Accurate And Super-Fasts Inventory

Using the Senitron RFID inventory system is easy. Once you install that, you don’t need to have multiple crew members to operate anymore. With the RFID inventory solution, just click the start button, scan your inventory wirelessly with a mobile handheld RFID scanner, and we are good to go. Push a button to upload your stored information to your Anthena RFID inventory dashboard, compare, inspect, and address any discrepancies.

Locate And Track A Specific Item

Using an RFID inventory system, tracking any labelled item is super easy. We can find any item wirelessly using the handheld RFID scanner or looking on the cloud dashboard map.

RFID Transfer Slips

Creating transfer slips between locations in light-speed POS is now made super easy and fast with RFID technology. Scan your inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner, select the destination location and submit.

Senitron’s RFID software can automatically create the transfer slip for you in light-speed POS and allow you to print a transfer slip. In the destination location, the receiver uses a mobile handheld RFID scanner to pull up the transfer slip and quickly receives the notification.

Unauthorized Alerts

With the Senitron RFID solution, your place is cent per cent safe. You can install fixed RFID readers at the entrance and exit points to monitor incoming and outgoing inventory. You will also receive SMS/ Email/ Audio alerts if inventory leaves the premise it should not have. So, complete security is guaranteed with all new Senitron RFID solutions.

Why Should You Choose Senitron?

Most organizations prefer Senitron’s RFID solution because of the following reasons –

1. End-to-end Solution
We offer organizations end-to-end RFID solutions, including software, hardware, RFID labels and professional services.

2. Complete And Advanced RFID Solution
Our inventory, tracking and automation software offerings are well known worldwide. All of our products are user-friendly and compatible.

3. Customized Products
We value the choice of our customers. We are known for delivering customized products to our customers. You can have your customization with us.

4. Our 10+ Years Of Experience
We have been working with technology for almost 25 years. With RFID, our experience is well beyond ten years. Thus we have earned our client’s trust.

5. Customer Support
Have a problem with any of our products? Need help understanding the technology? Our helpline is 24*7 available for you.

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