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It’s true – simply smiling can raise the body’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, spiking your sense of happiness and lowering your stress levels. Now, if you could only find a dentist to make your smile a little better, you wouldn’t be insecure about doing it more often…..Doh!

Lyons & Phillips Dental, led by John Lyons, D.D.S. and Daniel Phillips, D.D.S., has updated its teeth whitening and veneer services to better meet patient demand for easier solutions to maintaining whiter smiles. And they’re right around the corner!

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The practice now offers professional-grade teeth whitening solutions that employ techniques and ingredients unavailable at drugstores as well as veneer teeth overlays to mask any blemishes. Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made covers for the front of teeth that match your natural teeth. They can cover stained, broken, misaligned, and cracked teeth to improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

While teeth-whitening home care products have improved significantly over the years, they are generally far less concentrated than professional agents and can yield only marginal results. Moreover, the North American market for dental veneers is projected to grow at 6% annually over the next several years, due to the range of perceived defects they can cover up. As demand for cosmetic procedures has surged in recent years, dental technology has also advanced – allowing dentists to offer superior imaging/diagnostics and improved materials for patients.

As a dentist, Dr. Phillips has the technology and the trained expertise to whiten patients’ teeth safely and effectively while making use of professional-grade whitening options. If you prefer the longer-lasting effect of veneers, the practice offers Lumineers, ultra-thin porcelain veneers that require no preparatory dental work.

Lyons & Phillips Dental will take an impression of the existing teeth, and the Lumineers or veneers will go over the top of the original teeth. The procedure is painless, requiring no shots or aggressive drilling. The process takes approximately two to three visits.

The practice also provides a full range of general dentistry services for adults and children, including crowns, bridges, implants, periodontal maintenance, and invisible aligners for teeth straightening. “I want to provide each of my patients with the best care I can. For everyone there may be a different treatment option. I work with patients to develop a customized approach depending on the patient and their preferences,” said Dr. Phillips.

They are a friendly team, and sensitive to patients who have dental phobias. You can give them a call today at 330-683-1906.

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As one patient wrote, “You will not be disappointed with the care you receive!”