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Top Benefits You’ll Enjoy If You Opt For An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue!

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Between “She said yes” and “Happily married” there’s a long, stressful journey that needs to be covered by the bride and the groom.

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the wedding planning. Now, it depends upon the couples whether they wish to have a glitzy wedding with all that pomp and show or they wish to keep it plain. Irrespective of what type of wedding party they wish to host, planning is inevitable. What’s equally noticeable is the desire of every couple to get all the things done easily!

But is it that easy?


What if I say, it is?

You may then ask me how. Won’t you?

Well, that’s what an inclusive wedding package or venue can help you with.

Whether you wish to have the majority of the wedding planning weight off your shoulders or you find it difficult to negotiate for the best deal, an all-inclusive wedding venue is the best solution to all your woes.

Let me first tell you what an inclusive wedding venue actually is. As the name suggests, inclusive wedding venues have it all. Here, not only is your wedding venue taken care of, but your catering, entertainment, decoration and other requirements are also taken care of. These kind of weddings are the best for the budget-conscious brides or the ones who are simply too busy to take the wedding planning matter in their hands.

All inclusive weddings have gained insane popularity owing to the busy lifestyles. Since, a lot of time goes into wedding planning, right from fiddling with the budget to finding the venue, so these kinds of weddings are the best ones to opt for.

Now you may have a number of questions regarding the same. Questions like- i) Are all-inclusive wedding packages customizable?

ii) Do these services charge any hidden fees?


Well, here’s all that you need to know about the same.

Couples need not worry about researching and paying multiple vendors:

When you opt for an all-inclusive wedding venue, everything is done under one roof. So, you just have to search for the best inclusive wedding venue and you are sorted.

In other words, you don’t need to go out researching for the florist and caterer and makeup artist etc. Choosing an inclusive wedding venue is more like getting a bulk deal for something where you pay just one price for a number of included services. So, basically, you need not worry about tipping, fees, and paying for separate services at all.

It’s a time and money saver:

You ask me why?

Firstly, as I mentioned, a lot of your time is saved as you need not indulge in researches for different vendors. You can utilize that time in other important tasks.

Secondly, these venues have their preferred set of vendors. This further means that the vendors offer enticing perks that eventually help swing an overall cheaper price. All thanks to the healthy relationships that the venues have with the vendors who give them discounts!

The all-inclusive deals are reliable:

As a matter of fact, most of the all-inclusive venues partner with trusted and professional vendors. Now, that’s how they are able to help you handle a lot of the details for you at a more affordable rate.

Also, since the venues are particular about the quality and professionalism of the various vendors, their services are reliable enough to hand over your wedding planning stress to them.

You’ll probably get a professional event planner:

Okay, so, this may come as a surprise to you but yes, you might actually get a professional wedding planner to plan the entire day for you!

This would further help you to eradicate the most common D-day blunders because wedding planners are experienced. They know what questions need to be asked and have the best knowledge about anticipating your needs.

You’ll be able to spend your energy on preparing yourself:

Your D-day is the most important day of your life, isn’t it?

So, why would you waste it in running around, all muddled up, taking care of minor matters? You would obviously want to spend all your energy on preparing yourself for your walk down the aisle, won’t you?

Well, that’s possible when you have a professional event planner at your rescue. This person will simply step in if there are any issues that might come up on your wedding day.

Inclusive wedding venues allow customization:

Not all of them but most of the inclusive wedding venues allow customization so that you can put your own touch and style on the wedding.After all, it’s the most special day of your life and you want to live it just the way you’ve dreamt about it!

The appointed wedding planner would also help to ensure that the wedding looks exactly like your dream. The only condition that you’ll be allowed to bring in your preferred makeup artists or decorators or DJ would be that you’ll be charged extra. So, if that’s not an issue, you may go for the customized option.

You don’t have to worry about the wedding decoration leftovers:

There are instances where the couples have an enormous amount of leftover decor from their wedding. They simply find it difficult to store.

However, if the couples go for an all-inclusive wedding venue, they never have to worry about the same! That’s because the venue would itself provide all the required decor which can be reused for the other weddings hence eliminating any wastage!

They provide a backup for anything and everything:

When you opt for an all-inclusive wedding venue, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions, food shortage, power failure or technical issues. You do not have to make any extra arrangements for the unlikely situations.

The reason?

Your wedding venue has it all sorted out for you. So, even if it’s raining cats and dogs at your outdoor wedding venue, they will simply move everything indoors and make sure that nothing hinders the most special day of your life. Similarly, the on-site catering team can take care of the food-related issues and so on!

You can choose from a wide variety of packages:

Start with determining your budget.

Once you’ve known your budget, you can choose from the wide variety of wedding packages offered by various inclusive wedding venues. Depending on whether you wish to have a simple wedding or a glitzy one, you may simply opt for the one that best suits your requirements.

This doesn’t end here, when you opt for an all-inclusive wedding package, you can even build your own package and that too within your budget.

You can live your dream of having a destination wedding:
Always dreamt of a destination wedding?
Worried that things may go out of budget?

If that’s you, you should surely opt for an inclusive wedding.

Not all people know that an all-inclusive package may just make your dream of having a destination wedding a reality. The reason being, most of the venues that offer all-inclusive packages often have onsite accommodations. Thus, you may actually extend your celebration into a weekend affair.

Not only does an all-inclusive wedding package help live your fairytale, it also delights all your guests as it provides them an opportunity to travel and take a break from their monotonous lives.

Everything is well- organized:

When you plan a wedding on your own, you have to keep a track of each and every vendor who is serving you. The process becomes more complex and bothersome as the D-day approaches nearer. Shit happens, things go missing, one blames the other and you are simply exhausted! However, that’s not the case with an all-inclusive wedding.


That’s because, in an all-inclusive wedding, you have a qualified event manager to sort things for you. The professional event coordinator strives hard to work with your needs and budget right from the day you book your venue. to your ride home from the reception. This one person helps you keep track of everything and informs you about every single change that’s made.

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