Top 7 Types of Wire Mesh and their Specification

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Wire Mesh
Wire Mesh is a type of fencing that is made from steel wire. They are linked to different metallic wires to one another by different processes such as welding, weaving, netting, or knitting. Wire mesh products are frequently used for fencing, transporting, exhibiting, and other tasks including reinforcement, armoring, protection, and display.

Bhansali Wire Mesh is a well-known Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India. We provide various types of wire mesh, different wire mesh specification Wire Mesh comes in many different shapes and sizes, we provide the best steel wire mesh available to a wide range of global sectors.

Types of Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Wire mesh constructed of stainless steel is produced using a weaving method that was created especially for the material. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh use in a variety of applications, including industrial, architectural, and decorative purposes

Welded Wire Mesh
An electric fusion welded prefabricated linked grid made of a number of parallel longitudinal wires with precise spacing attached to cross wires at the necessary intervals is known as welded wire mesh.

Square Wire Mesh
A woven wire mesh product called square wire mesh has wires with comparable sizes for the shute and warp. By using this method, stiff and exact mesh holes are produced.

GI Wire Mesh
GI Wire Mesh is woven with uniform crimping in the warp and weft, resulting in a solid structure. To create a tight mesh, the crimped wires are sprung together

Hexagonal Wire Mesh
A hexagonal wire mesh has holes that are the same size and form. Low carbon steel makes up the majority of it. Hexagonal wire mesh comes in two types: galvanised wire and PVC coated wire, based on various surface treatments.

Rectangular Wire Mesh
These rectangular wire meshes are available in 15 microns and have weaves with precise, ultra-fine holes. For filtering, shifting, and grading chemicals, sugar gardens, powers, minerals, and graders, our collection includes a robust body.

Titanium Wire Mesh
A form of metal mesh manufactured from titanium is called titanium wire mesh. It is robust and long-lasting, and it resists corrosion well.

Wire Mesh Specification and Sizes
As a Wire Mesh Supplier we provide various wire mesh sizes as per the customer requirements.

Size Range: 15 mm to 400 mm
Length: 2 meters to 8 meters (8 feet to 26 feet)
Standards: ASTM, ASME, DIN, NF, JIS, EN, IOS
Tolerance: +/-1.00% OF SIZE – 15 MM TO 95 MM
Crack Test: Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Wire Mesh Manufacturer
Bhansali Wire Mesh is one of the topWire Mesh Manufacturers in India. We offer the best quality products at a reasonable price for our customers to make their work easier and more efficient. Wire mesh is offered in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from 15 mm to 400 mm. Additionally, we produce wire mesh made of several materials, including Nitronic, Inconel, and Monel. We are also the top Wire Mesh Supplier in India, we also provide these products in various cities.


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