Tier5 Reseller Partnership Review. Consider This Before You Decide.

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Hi there. So glad you stopped by to take a look at my review of Tier5 and their software partnership opportunity.

As you know, I am the owner of M-Powered Marketing Solutions, a small digital marketing agency located in San Francisco. I have uses for so many different types of software that help me grow my company, and I do reviews on all the software that I use. I try to do thorough and unbiased consumer reviews of different programs, and the truth be told, most of these I actually have through my partnership with Tier5 and the Reseller Program that they offer.Tier5 has a huge offering of different software from Facebook automation tools (Friend Connector Pro) to ringless voicemail (Chirply) and many others. Since I was doing local marketing and lead generation, I was looking for a piece of software that would record incoming calls and track them. this was my introduction to Chirply, and since then the entire Tier5 product line.

While Tier5 excels at having a wide range of different software products that solve so many different marketing automation problems, there is one huge drawback I see, and that is not on the side of Tier5. The problem is that people don’t take the time to really learn the software they are selling.

This was my biggest issue in becoming a Partner with Tier5 and their Software Reselling Program
The learning curve is as long as you make it. It took our company a while to figure out all the different products, and we are still learning. The best thing is that there is abundant training, weekly meetings and other Tier5 Partners that help guide you along the way.

In our opinion, our partnership with Tier5 has been a huge opportunity to grow our own business here at M-Powered Marketing Solutions LLC. The software that we have been using for our own company to grow it’s market share and expand, has proven to be invaluable. As we have mentioned, there is a learning curve in using the individual software products, and this does take an investment of time. It took us a little while to figure some of the products out. Once we did however, the results have been outstanding. The other issue to consider with having software to resell, is you need to have landing pages and learn how to actually market. Tier5 does provide a weekly mastermind group on Zoom, and Facebook groups.

For any consumer wanting to check the legitimacy or a review, or know if they can trust the source, I advise you to make sure you invest the time to learn the different software products and join in the calls that are available every week. Don’t be afraid of asking questions.

M-Powered Marketing Solutions ‘s complete and unbiased write up and review of Tier5 Reseller Program can be found at https://saas.m-poweredmedia.com/

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