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ST. LOUIS, MO – October 16, 2023 – ThrottleNet says as cybercriminals operate with unprecedented sophistication and speed, they can cripple a business at the push of a button. Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses to stay ahead of cyber threats by updating their cybersecurity tools.

“It has become an arms race between cybersecurity and cyber threats,” said George Rosenthal, President of ThrottleNet. “The need for modern cybersecurity tools to adapt to emerging threats and make it far more challenging for cyber criminals to breach your systems has never been greater, but not all tools are created equally.”

Rosenthal said the right tools should employ advanced techniques such as behavioral analysis, threat intelligence and machine learning to identify and neutralize new attack vectors in real-time.

“Behavioral analysis is necessary to analyze the behavior of users and devices within your network and swiftly detect anomalies that may indicate a cyber threat. By leveraging threat intelligence feeds, you can identify know attack patterns and vulnerabilities, allowing you to proactively protect against them,” he said.

“Employing machine learning algorithms can also identify patterns and anomalies within your data and spot subtle signs of an impending attack that might go unnoticed by traditional security measures. The right tools should employ all three.”

Rosenthal added with the introduction of stringent data protection regulations, businesses are legally obligated to protect sensitive customer data and the right tools are designed with compliance in mind.

“These tools help meet regulatory requirements and avoid substantial fines and legal repercussions. They should include robust data encryption capabilities ensuring sensitive data is safeguarded in transit and at rest in compliance with data protection laws.”

“Access control is a key tool to restrict data access to authorized personnel only in accordance with privacy regulations, and detailed audit trails should be generated to demonstrate compliance with data protection requirements.”

He said the end benefit of modern tool utilization is to preserve customer trust and business reputation.

“Data breaches frequently make headlines and customer trust is more fragile than ever. Modernizing your cybersecurity infrastructure sends a clear message to your customers and partners that you take security and privacy seriously. This commitment not only helps prevent any damage attempted by cyber thieves but also can enhance your business’s reputation.”

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