THINKWARE Launches U3000 4K UHD Dash Cam Featuring Built-in Radar

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United States, June 2nd, 2023 – THINKWARE, a leading global dash cam company, has announced the launch of its latest product, the U3000 dash cam. As a new addition to its U-series dash cam line, the U3000 offers advanced features and increased compatibility. Starting from June 2nd, the U3000 will be available in the North American market.

It is designed to provide high definition video recording for both day and night driving. The U3000 is available in two options: a single front camera or a front/rear camera bundle. The front camera of the U3000 offers 4K ultra high definition video, and the rear camera offers 2K video resolution. To enhance the quality of the video footage during night driving, the U3000 is first to come equipped with Super Night Vision 4.0, specifically designed for low light conditions.

The U3000 is also the company’s first dash cam to include built-in radar for both its front and rear cameras. With the latest in radar technology now standard, drivers can now capture video footage before an impact occurs, while consuming minimal power. In addition to radar, the U3000 is also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which enhances its compatibility with other devices.

Other notable features of the U3000 include:

• Featuring 4K Front 2K Rear, 2CH Cameras
With the cutting-edge Sony Starvis2 IMX678 Image Sensors at your disposal, capturing your surroundings in stunning detail is now possible. Experience the brilliance of crystal clear 4K 2160p UHD footage for the front camera, and exceptional 2K 1440p QHD footage for the rear camera, both operating seamlessly at 30 frames per second, regardless of day or night conditions. The wide-angle lenses further enhance your recording capabilities, with a 152° field of view for the front camera and 128° for the rear camera, effectively minimizing blind spots and ensuring that every important moment is reliably captured.

• Built-in RADAR Front and Rear
Introducing the groundbreaking addition of RADAR technology to our 2-channel dash cam models. For the first time ever, both the front and rear cameras are equipped with RADAR capabilities. In low-power recording scenarios, this innovative feature enables the dash cam to detect the presence of vehicles or pedestrians. Once detected, it immediately activates, initiating motion recording without delay. With five adjustable sensitivity levels, you have the flexibility to customize the detection range according to your preferences, ranging from a minimum of 1 meter to a maximum of 5 meters.

• Super Night Vision 4.0 With SONY STARVIS 2
Introducing an unprecedented advancement in Super Night Vision 4.0—the incorporation of the renowned Sony STARVIS2 IMX678 sensor. This cutting-edge feature revolutionizes night vision capabilities, enabling the capture of exceptional image quality even in challenging low-light environments. Whether during continuous recording or parking mode, you can rely on this optimized night vision technology to deliver clear and detailed footage. Experience the ability to maximize low-light conditions like never before, thanks to the innovative SHCG (Super High Control Gain) feature that ensures the preservation of crucial moments with unmatched clarity.

• Energy Saving Mode 2.0: THINKWARE’s exclusive technology that efficiently supplies minimal power to essential components during Parking Surveillance mode. With this advanced feature, the U3000 sets new industry benchmarks, offering up to approximately 22 days of standby mode for 1CH installation and around 20 days for 2CH installation in energy-saving parking mode. These estimates are based on the use of THINKWARE’s BAB-50 4,500mAH External Battery and may vary depending on the usage environment.

• The Advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Features:
1. Rear Collision Warning System (RCWS): When a vehicle approaches from the rear at a distance of over 30 mph (50 kmph), the system will automatically alert the user and initiate recording, ensuring awareness and capturing important moments.
2. Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS/UFCWS): Keeps the driver informed about potential road hazards ahead, providing timely warnings to prevent collisions and enhance safety.
3. Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW): Notifies the driver when the vehicle ahead starts moving, allowing for prompt reactions and smoother driving transitions.
4. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): Monitors the vehicle’s position within the driving lane and alerts the driver if there is any deviation or drifting, promoting safer and more focused driving.

Unlock a world of convenience and control with the THINKWARE Connected app, connecting you seamlessly to your U3000 Dashcam through your iOS or Android devices. Explore a range of impressive features designed to enhance your driving experience:

1. Strong Impact Notifications: Receive immediate notifications of strong impacts while driving, ensuring you stay informed about any significant incidents on the road.
2. Parked Impact Notifications: Remain vigilant with impact notifications even when your vehicle is parked.
3. Emergency Message Sending: Instantly send out emergency messages through the app during critical situations, notifying designated contacts about your circumstances.
4. Remote Live View: Gain access to a real-time view of your Dash Cam’s feed, allowing you to monitor your surroundings remotely and make informed decisions.
5. Vehicle Status & Driving History: Stay informed about your vehicle’s status and access detailed driving history, empowering you to track and review your journeys effectively.
6. Recent Parking Image Capture: Retrieve the captured image of your most recent parking session, offering valuable visual information in case of parking incidents or accidents.

The THINKWARE U3000 will be available for purchase on the THINKWARE website, on Best Buy, and with select online specialty retailers. The U3000 is available in two options: a single front camera model with 64GB storage for $429.99, or as a front/rear camera bundle with 64GB storage for $549.99.

In celebration of the launch of our latest U3000 Dash Cam, we are excited to announce a remarkable deal. We have bundled our exceptional dash cam companion, the iVolt Xtra (BAB-95) External Battery with the U3000 and slashed the price from $949.99 to just $799.99. This limited offer is valid until June 30th.

The new iVolt Xtra (BAB-95) External Battery brings Thinkware Dash Cam’s Parking Mode to unprecedented heights of excellence. With its exceptional performance, extended power, and improved durability, you can enjoy even longer recording sessions in parking mode. Encased in an elegant aluminum body, the iVolt Xtra boasts a modern and sophisticated appearance. In Energy Saving Mode, the battery can power the dash cam for up to 960 hours (40 days) * so that your dash cam doesn’t miss an incident while parked for long durations. *Charging and run time may vary depending on the dash cam model and the environment.