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Many businesses are trying to make a business deal with the Global 2000 companies; however, most of the time, their efforts wouldn’t give a satisfying result. Hence, InfoGlobalData has launched a new Global 2000 Companies List by adding 64% more contact details of potential prospects from various industries.

To accelerate the marketing and sales activities in an organization is the ultimate step to expand the business horizon. InfoGlobalData is assisting businesses to scale and personalize sales outreach using the Global 2000 Companies Database. The contact details of decision-makers and influential professionals from Global 2000 companies like ICBS, JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Amazon, and many more can be enabled for the marketers.

William Lucas, Managing Director, said, “31% of hike in the revenue was the result our organization gained through customizing the Global 2000 Companies List, our sales pipeline grows to 24% after generating a targeted email list from InfoGlobalData.”

Sales, profitability, assets, and market value are used to rank the Global 2000 corporations. Over the previous year, the total market value climbed by 10%. InfoGlobalData ensures 150+ parameters to customize the Global 2000 companies list. The parameters include location, industry, ZIP code, SIC code, company revenue, software, and many more.

InfoGlobalData is serving various B2B companies for years and ensuring a better marketing experience. A wide range of services from customizing data to data appending and data enrichment is services are provided by InfoGlobalData. Global 2000 companies list with full company information & decision-maker contacts with email addresses and phone numbers.

About the company: InfoGlobalData is a small team of dedicated data experts who hold a vision of providing accurate and latest B2B databases to marketers. InfoGlobalData will enable B2B marketers to find the right market and audience for effective marketing. Connect
with InfoGlobalData to get relevant, customized business data.

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