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The Story of Survival in the Words of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance

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Mon, 05 July 2021: Life; a very simple alkaline word to begin with but full of intricate phenomena testing us on every aspect. We, on some point or the other, have come across a tale of extreme succor that runs chills down our spines. Something very similar occurred with Panchmukhi Air Ambulance.

Once our team of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance received a call asking for immediate help for a lady expecting her first child and on a severe labor pain stuck in chaotic road traffic. She was at the peak of her delivery and needed medical aid on an urgent basis. But the impeding traffic was enabling her to find the way to a hospital. Her Husband contacted us in a hush-hush and we as a team of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance promised to render our service to everyone in any circumstance, heaved to the sight of the vicinity.

The tremendous team of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance airlifted the woman and shifted her to the nearby hospital in the most cautious way possible. The delivery happened on time and the family couldn’t help but thank us in veneration a thousand times.

Several such incidents and the stories of the incidents have come floating around, where the efficient team of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance has taken efforts to evacuate people out of the life-threatening circumstances.

The Branches of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance serving in every nook of the country

The Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai functioning under Panchmukhi Air Ambulance has emerged as an encompassing possibility in the business of air ambulance service. The team of Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai reaches a spot of a medical emergency as quickly as possible and provides access to the patients to the necessary medevac services.

If someone needs air aviation assistance in Chennai, the Air Ambulance in Chennai is the alternative to search for. The aircraft of Air Ambulance Service in Chennai ferrying for Panchmukhi Air Ambulance when contacted instantly dispatches with its crew of doctors, nurses, and other medical coordinators for the rescue of the sufferer.

Why Choose Panchmukhi Air Ambulance?

People who consider Panchmukhi Air Ambulance services are attended cautiously and with great chary from the time they board the airplane until they reach the medical spot because for us towing life out of danger is the most significant job.


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