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The launch of a new FAMI-QS V6 certification consultancy service in India has been announced with pleasure by The Specialty Feed Ingredients and Their Mixtures Quality and Safety System are known as FAMI-QS. The FAMI-QS Code addresses the quality, safety, and compliance with regulations of specialty feed components and their mixes. Due to the worldwide reliability of the FAMI-QS code, participants in FAMI-QS can be found all over the globe.

FAMI-QS is an industry pioneer since it is the only certifiable code aimed exclusively at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It was also the first Community Guide to Good Practice to be recognized by the European Commission, as required by the Feed Hygiene Regulation. FAMI-QS Certificate (V6.0) is issued by a certifying authority that is authorized to issue FAMI-QS certificates. The certificate is valid for three years after passing the pre-assessment and registration (final) assessment. The certifying body conducts surveillance audits every three years at intervals of nine months or twelve months, depending on the type and size of the organization. A renewal audit is conducted for a fresh three-year cycle after the initial three years have passed. can support organizations throughout the certification procedure. offers FAMI-QS V6 consultancy in the following steps to help organizations with FAMI-QS V6 certification establish the feed safety management system:

• Conduct a micro-level investigation of the current system and provide a report on the findings
• Implement a FAMI-QS awareness program for all staff
• Create a task force and steering group for documentation
• Establish goals and define the policy
• Prepare FAMI-QS version 6 feed safety management system documentation
• Implementation and training of all staff members in applying procedures and formats
• Employee training on identifying, evaluating, and controlling feed safety hazards
• Provide Internal auditor training to the auditors and assess the system through an internal audit
• If there are any non-conformities, take corrective action
• Registration for FAMI-QS certification
• Assess the system through the second round of internal audit by Punyam auditors
• Take action on suggestions given by them
• Final audit by certifying body
• Close findings of FAMI-QS certification audit

An organization that adopts the FAMI-QS V6 certification receives numerous advantages, including A preventative approach to feed safety, identifying process improvements and reducing customer complaints, conformance to legal and regulatory requirements, a systematic approach to meet the requirement for feed safety, Ability to differentiate organization for competitive advantage, Hazard analysis to evaluate threats to food safety, Reduces the need for, and the cost of end product testing, and more. To know more about the FAMI-QS certification consultancy service, visit here:

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