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The Best Salt Lake City Fitness Nutrition Coach To Get You In Shape For The Summer

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The famous personal trainer Amanda Comstock announced she is offering a new, more affordable training session package for all those in Salt Lake City who want to get their body ready for the summer.

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Amanda Comstock is a NASM certified fitness and nutrition coach in Utah with more than a decade of experience helping men and women around Salt Lake City and Park City reach their fitness goals, rehab from injuries and live their lives to the fullest.

To help everyone be able to get their body ready for the summer, the famous personal trainer is offering a new, highly affordable twelve session training pack during the spring. This pack includes twelve personal training sessions for the price of ten.

The twelve sessions will merge a variety of fitness exercises, weight training, plyometrics, stretching and cardio workouts, all tailored to the specific needs, goals and limitations of each client and designed to produce a body theyre proud to showcase this summer.

These sessions and workouts are always paired with nutrition plans, doable healthy lifestyle adjustments and an encouraging approach that ensures not only faster results but a more sustainable transformation.

As a NASM corrective exercise specialist (CES), she can also help clients recover from a variety of injuries and strains, find lasting, sustainable relief for neck or back pain and correct any faulty movement patterns and posture issues that may be making them more prone to pain and injury.

One of her clients, Tara Lindley, explains before I found Amanda, I could not stay committed to working out. What I though was carpal tunnel in my wrists was causing me so much pain during the workouts that I couldnt progress. Long story short, I trusted her, followed the plan and not only finally found some relief in my wrists, I ended up climbing and hiking stronger than ever.

To book an appointment with the personal trainer Amanda Comstock and find out more about the affordable twelve session spring special she is offering, clients can call 801 550-2043 or visit her website at the link provided above.

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