Tae’Tu launched into the Tattoo Industry with its patented and FDA approved Tattoo Aftercare

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Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA – This month Tae’Tu LLC has entered the Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare market with disruptive force, patent protection, and FDA approval. Their bold claims of providing one product to solve it all – infection, itching, dryness, swelling, and fade prevention – are also already backed by passionate consumer testimonials. They hit the ground running and are building momentum with a presence at their second Tattoo Convention in Asbury Park, NJ, this past weekend.

“I’ve been getting tattoos for years. This time I use Tae’Tu and it worked like a champ. I will use it every time I get ink moving forward. Healing great! It hasn’t been itchy and the color has stayed put. Honestly, when I put it on right after, it felt great on the skin. Almost cooling and certainly didn’t burn like alcohol-based products.” Ken Middlemiss happily shared after his most recent tattoo experience and first-time use of Tae’Tu Aftercare. “Healing was easy I’m getting my next ink sooner than originally planned.”

Tae’Tu Aftercare is a water-based product with a patented ability to bond to the skin where you apply it. Because of this, Tae’Tu’s infection protection penetrates the top layer of skin and remains an active protection for all the affected layers and surrounding skin all the hours between applications. All other products on the market only last until they fully absorb into the skin or dry leaving you at the mercy of exhaustive and painful aftercare processes and often multiple products.

Tae’Tu is approved by the FDA for antiseptic wound care which allows it to be used safely during and after tattoo, piercing, microblading, permanent makeup, and body branding procedures.

Tae’Tu LLC is a women-owned and operated small business with a presence on all coasts in the United States and a growing presence in the United Kingdom.

For questions please visit www.taetullc.com.

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