Tabetha Sheaver Reveals How EOS Can Help Save Your Marriage

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Tabetha Sheaver, a highly respected St. Louis-based business consultant, and a professional Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® ) implementer, said the same principles EOS® utilizes in its strategic business model have also proven to improve relationships between the business owner and their spouse.

“Recently in one of our complimentary EOS® introductory sessions, a couple who owned a business desired to spend more personal time together. While the husband says he loves to work, and spend long hours in the office, his spouse stated her goal, ‘I want him home more’. Simply put, he had been placing the importance of the business over the relationship with his wife,” Sheaver said.

According to Sheaver, ongoing conversations with business owners indicated the husband has traditionally tried to provide for his family and ensure the happiness of his wife. Yet, in most cases, the business is running them they aren’t running the business.

Sheaver found one business owner who had a desire to be needed and wanted, and the business helped him fulfill that need. However, what he doesn’t realize, his wife could do the same.

“The desire to be needed can prevent the owner from delegating to others,” added Sheaver. “He or she isn’t able to let go of the vine. As a result they can stunt the growth of their company. It will never grow bigger than him or her and their current team. In other words his or her business and life are in misalignment.”

“EOS® is designed to help align both your professional and personal life,” Sheaver stated. “It brings clarity on what is most important, and teaches owners how to delegate. It deals with the root cause of issues instead of just the symptoms, and assigns goals and timelines for achievement. EOS® creates alignment with your spouse, teammates and your own needs and desires. It helps you improve communications and get better at prioritization and time management.”

Applying these principles, Sheaver said EOS® was able to help one of her clients, who was feeling overwhelmed, improve the relationship with his wife. “He was feeling overburdened with his business and his personal life. I helped coach him using EOS’ compartmentalization, delegate and elevate tools. Using these tools he broke his overwhelm, does more of what he loves, and spends more time with his family.”

Another business owner shared that he is reconciling with his recently separated wife as a result of the 10 year thinking exercise Sheaver did for the business. “It made him think about what is truly important and why he was doing the business. He learned he had shifted his focus too much to take care of the business, and wasn’t taking as good of care of his wife and family as he should have been. He now sees that misguided focus as one of the major reasons for their separation.”

Sheaver emphasized, “Everyone wants to succeed and do good work but if left unchecked too much good gently steps over the line to too much bad. EOS® is like going to a chiropractor. It helps get you back in alignment so you have the energy to do what you were called to do, and do it with flow and ease.”

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About Tabetha Sheaver
Tabetha Sheaver operates on four core values. These include integrity-do what we say we are going to do, Be The Buffalo-running head-on into problems and fixing them, teamwork-aligning everyone in the organization to help the client achieve their goals, and kindness throughout all client endeavors. The host of the Breaking Through Biz podcast, Sheaver is a long-time entrepreneur and business owner. In addition she is an award winning consultant and highly skilled professional in change management, as well as a Certified Project Management Professional (PMI), Certified Change Management Professional and Certified Mediator. For more information visit