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SynchroBit Hybrid Exchange is launching on 1st May 2020

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It has been announced that SynchroBitâ„¢ Hybrid Exchange is now all set to launch on 1st May 2020. The main aims of SynchroBitâ„¢ are to make the digital assets trading faster, smarter, easier, better, and cheaper for both beginners and professionals. Many people have heard about hybrid exchanges and the simple definition of this is that hybrid exchange is a mixture of centralizing and decentralize which benefits from hybrid blockchain technology. SynchroBitâ„¢ Hybrid Exchange is the first Multipurpose Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading platform. This platform also offers innovative solutions for both beginners and professional traders, including binary trading, futures, margin trading, etc. It offers the solution to a major range of problems in the cryptocurrency and digital assets trading industry.

As it well knows that SYNCHRONIUM® as the official owner of the SynchroBit™ and SynchroBitcoin cryptocurrency they are offering the dynamic rewarding program for the users who are holding the SynchroBit Coin or SNB on their wallets on the The Rewards Program of SynchroBit™ offering additional SNB to its users as the performance reward for holding the SMB amount on their wallet. This Reward Program makes trading profitable for both beginners and professional traders. One important point of Reward Program is that if a user only holding the SNB and not doing any trading with their SNB to create the trading volume with the SNB, then they will not be eligible for the Reward program. As for making eligible for receiving Rewards users need to do both SNB Holdings and Trade Volume with the SNB. SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange’s referral program brings a good opportunity for users to earn extra money just by inviting their friends. If any user referring their friends to the trade SynchroBit™ platform they will receive 40% of friend’s fees as the commission.

For detailed information please visit SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange website’s referral section. If a user wanted to participate in the referral program then they must pass the KYC process successfully. For inviting friend inviter have to register and generate the referral links with the commission kickback rate. Inviter share this links to their friends if their friends register through their shared link and inviter will get the rewards when they complete trade every time. So, it’s a great opportunity to make money by simply inviting your friends to SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange platform.

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