Surface Disinfectant Market Growing Demand, Production Scope and Revenue 2021 to 2026

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The Surface Disinfectant Market is expected to grow at a rate of ~7.5% to reach ~$5 billion by 2026. Increased use of surface disinfectants in public facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, wastewater treatment facilities, and households to control the spread of Covid-19 virus, increasing demand for eco-friendly & superior-quality surface disinfectant products, increasing incidence of hospital-acquired infections, growing awareness about personal hygiene & sanitization, and the growing implementation of stringent regulations in medical hygiene for the usage of surface disinfectants are some of the major factors driving the global surface disinfectant market.

Several broad categories of disinfectants are used in the maintenance of commercial and industrial facilities to prevent the transmission of microbial infections or cross-contamination. The most common types of disinfectants are hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats), chlorine compounds, alcohols, aldehydes, iodophors, and phenolic compounds.

Move Towards Bio-based Surface Disinfectants
In bio-based cleaning products, manufacturer replaces fossil-based ingredients with bio-based ingredients such as plant oil or enzymes. Bio-based cleaning products are more environmentally friendly, because they use natural ingredients compositions without compromising the quality of disinfectants. This change in the trend toward bio-based products from chemical-based products is expected to drive the surface disinfectants market.

Surface Disinfectant Usage for Infection Prevention Drives the Surface Disinfectant Market
The outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the most infectious and risky disease in recent history. However, utilizing the right type of surface disinfectant regularly for cleaning the facility is critical in preventing the spread of infections and diseases like COVID, influenza, and others and also guarantees quality patient care, employee protection, and proper hygiene maintenance.

For Instance,

In June 2021, Metrex Research, LLC launched new surface disinfectant wipes under the brand name CaviWipe 2.0. These multi-purpose disinfectant wipes protect against 42 types of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 virus

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Key Challenges/ Constraints: Surface Disinfectant Market
Some of the chemical disinfectants presently available on the market are irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Spray products that are currently used also contain non-volatile chemicals that can cause respiratory problems if not used in properly ventilated areas. Therefore, the risks associated with the utilization of surface disinfectants are likely to hamper the growth of the market.

North America: The Largest Surface Disinfectant Market
North America is the biggest surface disinfectant market, followed by Europe and APAC. The large share of North America can be attributed to stringent regulations & guidelines imposed by the government on the utilization of surface disinfectants, the increasing commonness of hospital-acquired infections, and an increased focus on public sanitization in the region. APAC is expected to witness strong growth in the coming years.

Companies Adopting Inorganic Growth Strategies to Increase their Market Share
Players operating in surface disinfectant market are accepting organic and inorganic growth strategies such as collaborations, acquisitions, and new product launches to gather market share.

For instance,

In February 2022, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc (“Reckitt”) announced a distribution collaboration with Diversey Holdings, Ltd. The collaboration will expand the distribution of Reckitt’s hygiene solutions into emerging markets, focusing on B2B channels

The surface disinfectant market is a developing market that is expected to gain further momentum in the coming years due to stringent government regulations, new product launches, raising awareness of sanitization and hygiene due to the spread of COVID-19, and aggressive organic and inorganic growth strategies followed by the players.

Competitive Landscape Analysis of Surface Disinfectant Market
Some of the key players operating in the global surface disinfectant market include Procter & Gamble, 3M Company, Ecolab, Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, The Clorox Company, and Steris Corporation, among others.

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