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Study Telecommunications, Technology in Ireland: Waterford Institute of Technology and Abcodo Hold

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(September 2021) One of Europe’s top telecommunications software development and research centers, Waterford Institute of Technology, together with Abcodo, the in-house agency of MSM Unify, invites everyone to get to know more about its programs and student offerings in a free webinar on Sept. 17, 2021, Friday at 3 p.m. IST.

Targeted primarily at agents whose students are looking to study in Europe and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of telecommunications and technology, the hour-long webinar will give participants a sneak peek at the institution and the Waterford way of education, as well as other pertinent information about studying in Ireland.
The Waterford Institute of Technology is a prestigious educational institution that offers quality higher education in a wide range of disciplines. These include business, engineering, humanities, sciences, and computing.

Webinar participants will not only get a closer look at Waterford’s academic offerings but also be briefed on the requirements of studying in Ireland, as well as what the environment is like for students during their stay at Waterford. Agents will get first-hand information for their clients, or prospective students who may still be choosing their college or university, host country, or course.

Abcodo, Waterford’s recruitment partner, will provide further information to agents at the institution. As the in-house recruitment network of international education marketplace MSM Unify, Abcodo helps facilitate application, registration, and access to other value-added services for students who wish to pursue higher education overseas, whether in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, or another destination country. As a globally positioned recruitment network, Abcodo also offers agents the opportunity to recruit students worldwide and get optimum support as a recognized Abcodo partner.
“The Abcodo-Waterford Institute of Technology webinar is designed to promote Waterford as a top learning institution in the field of technology and computing in Europe. Moreover, it hopes to ease fears of the unknown for students looking to study abroad, particularly in the post-pandemic environment,” says Lavanya Nair, Agent Operations Manager at MSM Unify/Abcodo and moderator for the webinar.

The main speaker will be Helen Kang-Griffith, International Market Development Officer at the Waterford Institute of Technology.

Interested participants may register for the free webinar here.

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