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South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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Cravings for Indian cuisine are endless as South Indian food is love! When you think about south Indian food everyone thinks of mouth watering dish which includes Dosa’s, Medu Wada, mustard seeds, coconut chutney and more. South Indian Food is easy to consume which may lead to weight loss, but if you are someone who cannot stay away from this, reducing weight may become a little tougher for you. Also, when it comes to reducing weight it doesn’t mean that you have to go for salads or take proteins or supplements, a simple and homemade South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss is enough for you to reach your goal.

Things to keep in mind before starting a South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss
There are a couple of thing that you need to keep in mind before starting a south Indian diet plan for weight loss
• Proper Weight Loss Goal Plan: Before starting off with your diet plan, you need to make sure that you create a proper Weight Goal Plan for yourself. Planning and Implementation are the most important part for your Weight Loss Goal. Your Body Stats like Weight, BMI, BMR, fat percentage are some of the things that need to be noted down before starting off. Main goal of Losing Weight is to lose fat and not muscle. Maintaining Proper diet is what you need to lose that excess weight.

• Accurate Calorie Measurement: If you want to reduce weight, definitely you have to be in a calorie surplus South Indian diet plan. Increasing the protein intake in your meals while keeping a check on carb intake. This can easily help you stay full for a longer period of time while being on a calorie surplus diet plan and reduce weight in a scientific way.
• Healthy Kitchen: Once you have decided to lose weight, first thing you need to do is to keep your Kitchen Healthy. You need to eliminate all the junk food like deep-fried products, homemade sweets, vegetable oil etc that increase fats and replace it with Fresh fruits, Pulses, nuts, seeds, Multigrain Atta, Chicken Breast, Whole Fat Milk, Brown or Ragi Rice and more. Some of the South Indian foods which you must include in your diet are Moong Dals, Curd Rice, Filter Coffee, Veggies Salads, Idlis and Dosas with Chutney and Sambhar.

How to make a personalized South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss at Home
To make a personalized South Indian Diet plan for Weight Loss at home for yourself, follow these steps to get started.
• Calculate your BMI and BMR : A Doctor Consultation will help you determine whether you need to reduce weight or not. Consulting with your doctor will help you to monitor your blood pressure, calculate your BMI to know about if you are overweight or what you will need to be healthy and BMR to know about your basic calorie requirement, current medication you are taking etc.

• Analyze your Body Stats: Here are a few tips to keep in mind before analyzing your body stats or performance.
1. Using Weighing Scale
2. Checking it Once a week or a month
3. Body Fat percentage
4. Taking Body Measurements
5. Keep Track of your Numbers

You will find a lot of Different Online Diet Plans for Weight Loss, but the fore most important thing is consistency. You need to be consistent with your Weight Loss Goals. Eating healthy and including a good amount of protein in your meal will help you achieve your objective. Try to avoid food that contains carbs and fats.

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