Sky Air Ambulance Service in Patna is Scheduling Medical Transfers with Proper Security

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Monday, 17 October 2022: The need for an air ambulance intensifies when the patient needs immediate medical treatment in an advanced healthcare facility that is located far away from the current location. In such a scenario, Air Ambulance from Patna operational under Sky Air Ambulance appears to save the life of the patients with the quick, safe, and comforting transfer. We have a decade of experience and knowledge about managing the health of the patient and keeping them in stabilized state until the process of evacuation gets over and the patient gets shifted to their choice of medical facility.

Our team of experts manages the medical evacuation mission without wasting any time in the documentation process and comes up with an instant solution to provide medical transfer to the patients whenever needed. We have a team of qualified and skilled medical and aviation staff that schedules the medical transfer per the patient’s specific needs and requirements. Our aviation experts at Air Ambulance Service in Patna provide a sanitized and well-maintained aircraft interior with the cabin pressure maintained and a seasoned pilot to deliver a non-turbulent flight.

The Medical Staff at Sky Air Ambulance Service in Delhi is Trained to Manage Casualties

The medical professionals employed at Sky Air Ambulance Service in Delhi manages every aspect of the necessities related to a safe and comforting transfer so that the patient doesn’t feel complication of any sort while getting shifted to the medical centre. We offer transportation via state-of-the-art flights that are deployed right after the requirements set forward by the ailing individuals. It is equipped with advanced medical facilities that can provide a safe and comforting transfer.

Once we at Air Ambulance in Delhi received a call to transfer a patient who was to undergo pacemaker surgery and needed to reach Delhi from Patna for the purpose of treatment. We picked the patient up from the local hospital in Patna and shifted him to the airport from where he was taken inside our air ambulance. We then settled the patient and initiated the early treatment to make the ailing individual calm. But right after a few minutes of the take off the patient started experiencing seizures and fainting. But fortunately, our medical team was present to handle the situation and managed everything efficiently. They managed to bring the patient back to normal due to their initial supervision and the journey got concluded without any further complications.