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Tuesday, November 01, 2022: The emergency medical situation brings a lot of financial, economic, and mental imbalance in the lives of the family members of the patients. People more often look for an appropriate means of transport that can help in shifting the ailing individual to the healthcare centre for advanced treatment. The air ambulance service delivered by Air Ambulance from Bhubaneswar operational under Sky Air Ambulance is considered the most accurate means of evacuation that helps shift patients without any complication. We have years of training and experience in performing to the best of our abilities and ensuring the patient reaches the desired healthcare centre without any discomfort caused at the time of shifting.

Our service includes picking up patients from the receiving facility and shifting them to the airport via a medically equipped ground ambulance and then loading the patient inside the aircraft carrier with the help of a stretcher and wheelchair. The equipment includes the latest devices like cardiac monitors, suction pumps, nebulizers, infusion pumps, oxygen cylinders, SPO2 machines, and several others suiting the needs and necessities of the patients. The Air Ambulance Service in Bhubaneswar makes every possible effort to ensure the evacuation process doesn’t seem discomforting to the patients.

For a Comfort Filled Transfer Choose Sky Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Arranging an air ambulance can be a tough job and only an expert air evacuation provider like Sky Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore can perform this task without any trouble. We make the availability of skilled and aero-medically certified staff to make sure every specific need of the patients is looked after during the journey. The team includes trained paramedics, critical care flight nurses, and full-time physicians that maintain the level of care and guarantee the safety of the patients until the end of the transfer process.

Once while we at Air Ambulance in Bangalore were providing a medical transfer to a patient suffering from respiratory trouble we were requested to carry all the significant equipment that could have made the evacuation process risk-free as the patient was a 75-year-old female. We incorporated an oxygen cylinder, nebulizer, SPO2 machine, and other necessary tools that kept the patient stable and provided a smooth and non-troublesome transfer. We had a skilled and fully experienced medical team to manage the emergencies occurring at the time of retrieval. The transfer process got concluded efficiently and the patient got shifted without any complications caused during the time of transfer from one city to another.