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Old junk cars can cause harmful impacts on the environment and public health if they are not disposed of properly. When a car is termed a total loss by the insurance company, keeping it without proper disposal for a long time can lead to legal issues. Many car owners don’t do proper searches and get involved with illegal scrap yards that involve unauthorized scrap traders.

There would be no guarantee of scrap’s appropriate recycling. Fast Car Salvage buys car salvage in NI to offer clients an easy and hassle-free scrap car removal process. The company follows local regulations to ensure the old car junks don’t cause any damage.

At Fast Car Salvage, the staff can arrange a convenient pick-up time and reach the location on time to complete all the associated paperwork for selling the title to the salvage yard. After they haul the old car, customers can get a price amount they agreed on. Fast Car Salvage has its facility equipped with industry-grade equipment to dismantle cars and depollution equipment to reduce exposure of hazardous material into the environment. There is no need to spend extra cash on responsible disposal of salvaged cars using Fast Car Salvage.

Unauthorized salvage yard services can sell old vehicles used for dishonest activities that may harm vehicle owners. That’s why they don’t demand any paperwork, so the authority can’t track the vehicle’s status. Fast Car Salvage offers services for scrap my car in Belfast through a hassle-free process. The scrapping team keeps a record of the salvaged car’s initial offer receipt to the scrapping process’s final maintenance. The team maintains a safe operation practice while offering complete transparency to the customers.

About Company:

Fast Car Salvage is the leading car scrapping service provider in Northern Ireland. The company takes responsibility for informing DVLA about recycling a salvaged car while complying with the local regulations. The can owner doesn’t have to spend money and handle paperwork throughout the process. The company will transfer the car ownership before conducting the appropriate recycling process.

Contact Us:
Fast Car Salvage NI
8 Castleblayney Rd, Keady, Co. Armagh, BT60 3QP
028 3724 0312

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