Shopping Guideline For Flower Chandeliers From Flower Dealers

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Flower chandeliers can instantly turn your location admirable and aesthetically pleasing. Apart from acing up your floral displays, these chandeliers are divinely aromatic too.

If you are thinking to create floral chandeliers for the next project as an event planner or wedding decorator, then here is a complete guide to help you through it. Just contact the best flower wholesale suppliers and keep reading to know what to do next.

Everything That You Would Need to Breathe Life into Flower Chandeliers

Once you have contacted the suppliers, you would need to gather a few more supplies to complete the flower chandelier.

Fresh Flowers:  When choosing and shopping for flowers from the fresh flowers wholesale suppliers, consider a particular theme. You might want to consider the seasonal blooms. Also, look for flowers that can stay alive for the longest time without water.

What Type of Fresh Flowers Should You Select?

Any types of fresh blooms are the best for this kind of project. Also, the flowers you select must have long stems. This would simplify the process of attaching the flowers to the display by simply threading through them.

Fresh Foliage: Always go for fresh foliage that complements your chandelier themes appropriately. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t look out of the place.

Floral Hoops: You might need floral hoops to make the top tier of the floral chandelier. Go for 19 inches floral hoops. However, you can also choose any other size hoop. But make sure they are smaller than a large wire wreath.

Large Wire Wreath: The large wire wreath will be the base of your chandelier. Go for a larger wire wreath that is at least 24 inches. You can also do it with a hula hoop if you aren’t able to find the right wire frame. Green hoops work the best for this kind of project. However, you can always paint it if you cannot find it anywhere.

Floral Tape: Floral tape is the best when you are dealing with fresh flowers, owing to its strength and elasticity. Floral tapes are available in brown and green colours. These colours can easily blend with the flowers.

Floral Wire: You would need floral wire to help you attach the fresh flowers that you bought from flower dealers Bangalore, and foliage to the hoops and wireframes.

Fishing Line: Fishing line is a great tool that can help you to hang the chandelier. You can however pick a ribbon, string or twine as well for a rustic design.

Scissors: Scissors are important to cut the fishing line and tape both. Make sure your pair of scissors is both handy and sharp.

Crimp Tubes: You might need the crimp tubes to secure the fishing line in its place.

Enjoy the process of shopping for fresh flowers and foliage from the top flower dealers Delhi.

What Are Some of the Top Flowers for Flower Chandeliers?

The flowers that can stay longer without water are the perfect options for chandeliers. Here are some of the top blooms that you can use for floral chandeliers:

Dahlia buds
Baby’s breath
Pink Hyacinths

Most Popular Flower Chandeliers to Try

Once you are prepped up with the materials, then you might be ready to start making the flower chandeliers. Here are some of the top flower chandelier inspirations that you might want to look into.

The Charming Flower Chandeliers

Now wooing your guests is a simple process. All you have to do is impress your guests with a subtle floral chandelier. The striking suspended floral chandeliers look mesmerizing and easy to install. The easy-to-create flower chandeliers can be made with eucalyptus, bay leaf and hyacinths.

The Pink Flower Chandeliers

For a soft and feminine touch to your chandeliers with statement chandeliers. You can add pink flower chandeliers right above the dessert table. Try white and pink rose or even white hydrangeas from imported flower dealers for this chandelier.

Other flower chandeliers that you can try for celebrations are rustic flower chandeliers, refined flower chandeliers, boho chandeliers and so on.

Any kind of flower chandelier is a treat to the eyes. They make every celebration and even decoration looks attractive. Buy fresh flowers from Flower Bazaar and create the most swoon-worthy floral chandelier for your next project to impress your clients and earn fame.