Sharp Fluidics Offers NeoClose, A Revolution in Port Site Closure

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Hayward, California : Sharp Fluidics is proud to offer NeoClose, an innovative product that transforms how port site closures are performed. NeoClose ensures quick, secure, and patient-friendly fascial closure, offering valuable benefits for healthcare professionals and patients.

NeoClose by Sharp Fluidics is designed for convenience, speed, and safety. It delivers absorbable anchors that are pre-attached to an absorbable suture. The unique design eliminates time-consuming suturing, often described as “fishing,” by enabling a quick, straightforward port site fascial closure process.

One significant advantage of NeoClose is its minimal insertion depth within the abdominal cavity, ensuring the procedure’s safety while reducing the risk of complications. This innovative anchor technology allows for a more precise and secure fascial closure without nerve entrapment, making it safer than traditional looped sutures.

Sharp Fluidics recognizes the importance of patient comfort and recovery. NeoClose’s approach reduces tissue tension, leading to less patient port site pain one week after the procedure. This reduction in discomfort contributes to an improved patient experience and recovery process.

The benefits of NeoClose by Sharp Fluidics are evident in its fast, simple delivery, reduced need for sutures, and minimized insertion depth. This game-changing product makes port site closure more efficient for healthcare providers and enhances the overall experience for patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Sharp Fluidics’ commitment to innovation and patient well-being shines through the NeoClose products. By simplifying and improving the port site closure process, NeoClose promises to be a valuable asset to healthcare professionals and patients in minimally invasive surgery.

Please visit the Sharp Fluidics website for more information about their NeoClose product.

About Sharp Fluidics: Sharp Fluidics is dedicated to developing innovative medical devices that improve the efficiency and safety of surgical procedures. Their products are designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior tools for minimally invasive surgery.

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