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Sharp Fluidics Is Reimagining Surgical Closures

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Hayward, California : Sharp Fluidics is pleased to announce they are reimagining surgical closures to help surgeons work more efficiently and safely in the operating room. Their revolutionary products allow surgeons to keep surgical closures close by to prevent accidental needle sticks caused by passing sutures back and forth between surgeons and their support teams.

Sharp Fluidics has created several products designed with surgeons in mind. The Neoclose minimally invasive sutures and Operative Armour suture sets make surgical procedures safer for everyone and allows surgeons to accurately close surgeries with less pain and discomfort for their patients. Surgery often comes with the risk of complications. Some of those complications can be reduced by revolutionizing the way sutures are placed. Sharp Fluidics created their products to make this process safer and easier for surgeons to ensure patients have better outcomes from their surgeries.

Sharp Fluidics is dedicated to helping surgeons work more efficiently in the operating room. With their revolutionary products, clinical studies, and educational videos, they are taking the necessary steps to help surgeons improve their procedures and give their patients the high level of patient care they deserve.

Anyone interested in learning about the products offered can find out more by visiting the Sharp Fluidics website or by calling (866) 376-4686

About Sharp Fluidics: Sharp Fluidics specializes in creating innovative products to help surgeons do their work as efficiently and safely as possible. Their team includes medical professionals who understand how operating rooms work and want to help surgeons provide better patient care without compromising safety in the operating room. They are dedicated to providing the best products to eliminate unnecessary complications during surgery.

Company: Sharp Fluidics
Address: 3496 Breakwater Court
City: Hayward
State: CA
Zipcode: 94545
Telephone number: (866) 376-4686
Fax number: 1-650-750-8655
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Sharp Fluidics Operative Armour® Suture Needle Management System provides clinicians with closure autonomy, minimizes needlestick injury hazard, reduces potential for retained foreign objects. Sharp Fluidics enables safer, more efficient operating room workflows by enabling the surgeon to self-dispense and self-secure needles during closure.

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