SHANGHAI WINMAN designed and manufactured electrical enclosure gaskets & seals machine

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SHANGHAI WINMAN industrial engineering is a leading china based gasket-making machine supplier. The company has designed and manufactured the highest quality electrical enclosure gaskets & seals machine.

SHANGHAI WINMAN is committed to delivering two-component polyurethane and isocyanate electrical enclosure gasket with innovative designs and efficient performance to customers worldwide. SHANGHAI WINMAN experts are ready to serve regardless of the complexity of the electrical enclosure system requirement. Many years of experience in various industries and extensive application knowledge allow SHANGHAI WINMAN to deliver precisely customized solutions.

Application: Electric Switchboards, Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Enclosures, Anti-explosion box, Auto fittings mountings, Automobile mountings, the Automobile battery cover, Automobile inner door handle, Led lighting, lifting jack, Mitsubishi water-proof box, Percolator filter, plastic cabinet, Plastic water-proof box, Lamp cover, Locks shell, Purification room door, Refrigerator door, Transformer protect cover, Street lighting, Water?proof cabinet, Water-proof cabinet, Waterproof box, Transparent box, Air cleaning filter, ABS Enclosure Junction Box, ventilation cover, Explosion-proof light, Outdoor Lights, Street lighting, Stadium lighting, Brake lights, LED luminaire, Lighting fitting, Transformer protect cover, Plastic water-proof box…

An electrical enclosure gasket’s function is to protect electronic components in electrical housings from outside elements such as weather and prevent electrical hazards from escaping the unit. The proper gasket will provide a tight seal in indoor and outdoor enclosure applications, with the ability to withstand the product’s life.

WINMAN automatic electrical enclosure gaskets & seals( machine can be widely used in many industrial fields, like Electrical Panels, Automobile mountings, Led lighting, Refrigerator door, Water?proof cabinet, Plastic water-proof box, etc.

Since 2001, WINMAN industrial engineering has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, such as metal sheet roller cutting machine?metal sheet punching machine?metal sheet bending machine?welding machine?riveting machine?pu gasket sealing machine… and related consumable materials for those Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, especially in the power distribution cabinet accessories technology. All of our custom power distribution cabinet accessories are engineered and manufactured in Shanghai city,  Next door to the biggest manufacturer VOLKSWAGEN SHANGHAI.

The company has economic, standard, and high-end types of machines for different customers’ requirements. For more details visit –