Sergey Urlin, Service Director of AVTODOM BMW Zorge, spoke about the growing demand for detailing

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Customers are paying more and more attention to car care. Professional detailing and timely maintenance at the dealership allow you to keep the car in perfect condition for many years. Sergey Urlin, AVTODOM BMW Service Director Zorge spoke about the popularity of detailing services among AVTODOM BMW customers

1. How to make the car look like new?
Motorists are striving to extend the life of their cars, given the situation in the global car market. AVTODOM BMW Zorge offers a wide range of services to keep the perfect appearance of the car for a long time:
– local or full painting of body parts;
– restorative polishing of the body with ceramic coating;
– dry cleaning of the interior and trunk of the car;
– restoration coloring of rims;
– washing the engine compartment.

2. What detailing services are most in demand among AVTODOM BMW Zorge customers?
Washing the engine compartment and car interior, dry cleaning and body polishing with ceramic coating are the most popular services among customers of AVTODOM BMW Zorge.

3. How long does car detailing take?
It depends on the service option. For example, washing the engine compartment takes approximately 30 minutes. Comprehensive cleaning of the car interior takes about 1.5 hours. Car dry cleaning takes 5-6 hours. Restoration polishing of the body with the application of ceramic coating lasts 6-8 hours.

4. How popular is this service among your customers?
Motorists pay great attention to car care in the current situation. Detailing services are in great demand among AVTODOM BMW Zorge customers. For example, AVTODOM BMW Zorge specialists served more than 1000 motorists in the first half of 2022.

5. What detailing advice would you give to owners of a new car, a three-year-old car and a five-year-old car?
Services for applying ceramic coating or pasting body elements with a film and treating the interior of a car with a protective composition will suit owners of new cars.
Vehicles up to three years old require periodic cleaning of the engine compartment and restoration polishing with a ceramic coating.
If the car is older than five years, it is best to dry-clean the interior and trunk and restore the color of the rims.

6. What special detailing service is available at AVTODOM BMW Zorge?
Painting of chrome-plated elements (anti-chrome) and brake calipers with branded logos

AVTODOM provides a full range of detailing services. Professional specialists and certified equipment allow us to perform car restoration work in accordance with international quality standards and in the shortest possible time.