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Senitron has been helping business organizations deploy RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies since they alleviate operating costs, enhance productivity, and meet brand-new compliance demands. Senitron currently serves a wide range of industries, specifically retail. To know more, please go through the given discussion right now.

A Brief About the Brand

Established in 2012, Senitron aims to manufacture hand-held and hands-free RFIDs that can successfully track assets even if they lie at a great distance. Unlike most other providers, Senitron assures end-to-end solutions in a single place. One may get the software, hardware, and all other necessary accessories.

Initial Years

Senitron’s first project was with the well-known American Apparel brand. It had multiple stores in Los Angeles, California.

American Apparel was already using hand-held RFID devices, thus, relishing amazing benefits – decreased labour expenditures and automated inventory management. It collaborated with Senitron to try its hands-free solutions. Senitron’s profound knowledge of installation as well as maintenance is responsible for its immense success.

Senitron relied on third parties for hardware for the first couple of years. But, after it started earning a decent amount of money, it decided to manufacture user-friendly hardware without any sort of assistance.

Senitron also created perfect RFID software compatible with all contemporary digital platforms. At present, Senitron expanded by incorporating other software such as Lightspeed, POS, SAP, etc.

Why Choose Senitron?

Senitron has gained a strong footing in the tech landscape because it takes the challenges faced by entrepreneurs quite seriously. The talented team of professionals collects substantial information besides offering agnostic recommendations, which accomplishes even the most complicated goals cost-effectively. Senitron’s commitment to continuous support and satisfaction is considered unparalleled.

Senitron’s RFID solutions are beneficial because of the following features:

• Real-Time Visibility- Know the total inventory present in the stores and warehouses.

• Affordable and Easy-to-Use- RFIDs have a simple interface; thus, even people with no technical knowledge can use them. They are also reasonably priced.

• Accurate and Fast-Receive comprehensive reports every couple of minutes. The accuracy exceeds 99%.

Products Offered

In addition to retail, Senitron is known for helping several other industries with its RFID solutions. The major ones among the lot include manufacturing, employee tracking, healthcare, and plant nurseries. Senitron’s three products that have created an outright revolution are as follows:

• Hand – Held RFID tracks inventory at least 2800% faster than the traditional barcode system. With hand-held RFIDs, one can compare several inventories and sync back.

• Hybrid RFID – Hybrid RFID solutions amalgamate fixed and hand-held technologies. They have impressed a major segment of the population by offering constant alerts.

• ERC- ERC (Enterprise Resource Control) RFIDs are known for seamlessly conducting daily operations. They control the production schedules, sales picking, quality disposals, etc.

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