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Sarin event – event planning agencies in Jodhpur

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Sarin event is the best event planning agencies in Jodhpur which is established during 2012 to serve in all type of events whether it may be of any family, wedding, social, cultural, heritage events or religional occasions and parties, sarin event is always helpful to make you assure that your event will be unforgettable for every guest and for you as well.

The overall objective is to pursue about all the new statistics and new data about event management industry that will be helpful in gaining new insights and details about event management industry.

79% businesses consider events helpful to their businesses.
90% of NGOs consider any type of event organising for their company.
There are 3 type of events generally to be organized in to companies like –
To generate money
To generate leads
To maintain public relations
To get donations (for NGOS case)

4. Business to consumer enterprizes consider events more important from the point of view of selling or promoting their product or themselves.

5. Generally most events are holded by different means –
Training sessions
Promotional events

6. Non profit organizations conduct more events than any other B2B or B2C companies.
7. B2B and B2C companies held more social gathering events than non profit organizations.

To promote a event is not more costly for every business today. It is considered that if a business wants to conduct any event this would be not much more than 7% of their monthly cost schedule.

To promote a event social media, email marketing, TV channels, word of mouth marketing is generally considered the best suitable methods for promoting a event. Email marketing is the best considered method among all of them. It is used in 40% of the cases. Magazine ads are generally used in very low amount of cases.

58% of businesses use social media for their promotion of events. 11% businesses sometimes are seen to use blogging for promoting their events.

Today Instagram is considered as the most usable social media marketing channel with rate of 35% which is more than facebook with the growth rate of 30% in youths. The biggest profit for a student are as following –

Learning about the new trends of the industry
Networking with industry professionals
Helps in gaining the job.

Charges –

Most companies don’t charge for the events or a very nominal fee which is not much than the 10% of the total revenue of the total event charges. It is seen that non profit businesses charge more than any other business.

Problems in event marketing –

Many people don’t know how to use social media.
50% of people don’t know even that how to respond to event mail.
Many people feel difficulty in getting the fees
14% of people even don’t know how to use online tools.

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