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One of them is that the individual who worked for many years takes time to get used to his new social role. If before he had the routine of going out to work every day and supporting the household, now he is “useless” for the job market.

Another reason is that retirement is still closely associated with aging and, consequently, with the end of life. Just look at the number of establishments that are still not prepared to receive the elderly, as if these people could only stay at home sitting in a rocking chair.

Despite social pressure, specialists say that the elderly is the best time to take care of yourself, be close to family members and fulfill dreams that were postponed due to lack of time.

Below, we share some tips for professionals who want to stay active after retirement. Good reading!

Occupy your mind

It’s not just the body that gets sick, but the head also greatly influences people’s well-being. This involves several factors, such as maintaining a good mood, living with friends and family, and resolving emotional issues.

The greater availability of time sometimes frightens recent retirees, leaving their days idle — which is why many begin to develop depression. Therefore, it is extremely important to find activities to fill the time.

In this sense, each person should seek to do what is most pleasurable for them and allow themselves to discover new skills.

For example, some retirees dedicate themselves to volunteer work for a few hours a week and this turns out to be a great achievement.

Others, on the other hand, assume some responsibilities with their grandchildren’s routine so as not to remain idle.

Do physical activities

Exercising is not just a necessity for all of us to maintain health. First of all, it’s a way to find motivation and energy for other activities. It is quite unlikely to find a person dedicated to physical activities who does not arouse an interest in learning or developing something new.

The most interesting thing about physical exercises is their variety. Those who limit themselves to thinking that bodybuilding or running are the only possible options to adapt to the routine, fail to consider a range of opportunities. To get out of the ordinary, have you thought about climbing or joining trekking groups? How about mountain biking or city cycling? There is no shortage of options to stay active after retirement by practicing exercises.
Travel, free your mind

Traveling means leaving your comfort zone and one of the best phases of life is when you have time and money together to do new things. Take advantage of the first moments after retirement to get to know other cultures, other countries and new people. When you come back, you will definitely be more full of ideas and with a lot of energy. Taking time off to travel helps keep your creativity and productive life alive after retirement.

Keep an eye on health

It doesn’t hurt to remember that you have to keep taking care of your health, especially by doing periodic exams to ensure that the whole body is working well.
Therefore, it is essential to keep medical follow-up up to date, without postponing appointments. Thus, any dysfunction can be evaluated and treated in the best possible way.


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