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The Two-Wheeler Manufacturers in India heavily rely on and entrust aluminum components made from various casting procedures for vehicle manufacturing and assembling. For such purposes, many Two-Wheeler manufacturers avail of Rockman aluminum-made two-wheeler products. Rockman is a highly competent two-wheeler part manufacturer and supplier in India, rendering manufacturing services for two decades.

Rockman has missioned itself to set the highest standards in business practices. We like to be partners in the growth of customers by delivering high-quality vehicle engineering parts, products, and solutions in cost-effective ways.

Rockman is a giant when it comes to component manufacturing for two-wheeler vehicles, such as alloy wheels, using various Die Casting methods. Apart from alloy wheels, Rockman also manufactures other vehicle components, such as scooter alloy wheels, motorcycle alloy wheels, crankcases, crankcase covers, cylinder heads, bottom cases, two-wheeler assemblies, two wheeler assemblies, scooter crankcases, and other mechanical components.

Beginning in 2017, Rockman Industries has also been fueling high-end Carbon Composites components to the Carbon Industry. We accomplished this fiat through our multiple enterprise acquisitions, like British Indian Enterprise, Rockman Advanced Composites Pvt. Ltd., and Moldex Composites. We today are proud holders of such esteemed corporate entities.

Rockman, within a brief span of two decades, has garnered huge accomplishments for itself as the Industry, like producing 170,000+ Tons Of Aluminum Components, more than 13 million Alloy Wheels annual installations, employment of three casting processes for component building, such as HPDC, LPDC & GDC, and 8 plant locations across nation, like Ludhiana, Haridwar, Bawal, Mangli, Chennai, Tirupati, Halol & Surat.

At Rockman, the company’s personnel are their greatest assets. People are at the heart of Rockman’s working ethos. Our Human Resources intends to create a high-performance culture that gives ample growth opportunities to its employees for self-development. At times, the challenging environment at Rockman helps people in realizing their utmost potential to excel in every aspect of bike or scooter component manufacturing procedure.

Fun is an integral part of work at Rockman, as it buzzes with activities keeping employees happily engaged in their work throughout the year. Our yearly Family Mela is an annual get-together where employees showcase their inherent talent and express their enthusiasm for playing various sports.

About the Company
Rockman is one of the Two-Wheeler Parts Manufacturing Industry’s leading Manufacturers. Established in the year 1960 as a bicycle component manufacturer, Rockman today has become an industry leader in the Aluminum High-Pressure Die Casting, Machined, and Painted Assemblies Supplier. We supply such vehicle parts or components to major motorcycle OEMs worldwide.

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