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River Ridge Offers Services on Walk-In Basis

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Burnsville, Minnesota, September 10, 2019: River Ridge is pleased to announce they offer their “open access” services to individuals on a walk-in basis. This means those who are ready to get help for their addiction issues will be able to get started on their treatment right away, rather than having to wait and potentially losing the motivation to do so.

The professionals at River Ridge specialize in helping their patients deal with and overcome their addictions, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sex or any other dangerous behaviors. With the ability to walk into the clinic and begin treatment immediately, they are giving individuals a much better chance at a successful outcome. The facility is trained in gender-specific treatment methods, which allows them to tailor treatment to an individual’s unique needs so they have an increased chance of a successful outcome.

Walk-in hours at River Ridge take place every weekday. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, individuals can come to the clinic between 8 am and 3 pm. Wednesdays, hours are extended from 11 am until 5 pm.

Anyone interested in these walk-in services can find out more by visiting the River Ridge website or by calling 1-952-894-7722.

About River Ridge: River Ridge is an addiction treatment facility that specializes in an individualized approach to treatment to ensure a higher chance of a successful outcome. They offer gender-based treatments and can even help individuals who have turned to substances to deal with some form of trauma. They understand what a big step it is to reach out for help and ensure their patients get the high level of care they require.

Company: River Ridge
Address: 14750 Lac Lavon Drive
City: Burnsville
State: MN
Zip code: 55306
Telephone number: 1-952-894-7722
Fax number: 1-952-894-0882
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River Ridge is a trauma-informed, gender responsive outpatient and residential treatment center in Burnsville and Minnetonka, MN. We provide holistic client care for adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We offer group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy for these needs.

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