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Read This Guide To Know How To Repair Chimney Cap

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The caps come in various designs and styles, like ones that are aerodynamic to reduce any downdraft from the passing winds and breezes. The cap also comes with many other features, including a solid top.

But sometimes the fire you burn will send creosote particles out and they have been known to accumulate within the cap that could eventually block the proper flow of air needed.

When doing the chimney cap repair, the main goal is to clean off the built-up creosote that can be a huge issue for most Chimney Caps.

1. The first step is to put on some shoes with rubber soles and some clothes that will fit loosely on you. Then you will want to set up your ladder – preferably an extension ladder that will extend to about three feet above the ease to allow a safer way to climb onto the roof. Don’t forget to bring a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench as these tools are the most important for this job.

2. If you lift the chimney cap off and it is attached to the flue, you need to locate the screws and unscrew them using your screwdriver. Then you can use the wrench to hold the nuts steady during this part, provided there are nuts. This will allow you to be able to take the cap down to make any necessary repairs in your garage.

3. One way to remove the built-up creosote is to use a chisel and a hammer as a way of scraping it from the cap’s sides. It’s probably a good idea to wear protective gloves to keep your hands protected from the creosote. When you have chipped all of it off, you can collect what you have removed into a bag for disposal in the garbage can.

4. While you have it detached, you have a chance to Chimney Repairs any joints that might have been separated. This can be done by screwing them back together with the use of self-tapping sheet metal screws. Afterwards, you can clamp that joint by using a C-clamp followed by using a drill and a No. 2 drill bit to drive the screw. On a side note, there’s no need to create any predrilled holes since the self-tapping screws will do that for you.

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