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Quarter Mile Addiction Surprises Drag Racing Fans with its Latest Premium T-Shirt

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For all those who cannot simply get enough of the drag racing nostalgia, Quarter Mile Addiction has introduced its latest T-shirt, the Straight Outta 1320 Premium Fit Mens Tee. Featuring the slogan, Straight Outta 1320, Because Drag Racing, the Tee will let drag racing fans venture out.

Every fan knows the thrill of watching a drag race, but how did the term come about? Those who have done the digging reveal that the term drag race could be traced back to the 1500s in England, where a horse carriage dragged a heavy sledge around without wheels. Back in the present, the quintessentially American sport of teenagers was described as racing cars along the main drag. The sport eventually took on its modern names, hot rodding and drag racing.

Drag racing took some time to mature to it’s ultimate format, beginning from unused airstrips and then moving to professional drag strips. The intense rivalries and undying enthusiasm saw the creation of the US National Hot Rod Association in 1951. Known for ferocious speeds, drag races could almost burn the strips. The Top Fuel dragster is considered the fastest, doing 335 mph, and completing a thousand feet distance in 3.64 seconds.

Some interesting slang grew up around drag racing too. A dial-in time was the measure of how fast a car was, and for pairing up with another car. The car with a smaller dial-in was given a handicap. Related to this was the expression, to tree, which meant the two cars left the starting time together, with no handicaps or dial-in considered. From this sprang the expression, treed the competition.

[Straight Outta 1320]( is the T-shirt for those who treasure the machismo and nostalgia of drag raceing. On its official website, Quarter Mile Addiction also has a vast range of T-shirts for both men and women that celebrate the historical cars and memories of the days gone by. All merchandise is made in the US and comes with regular and speed shipping.

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