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Pure Dental Spa Now Provides More Teeth Whitening Options

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Pure Dental Spa is pleased to announce it is now able to provide a variety of options to patients looking for a brighter, whiter smile. These options include KOR teeth whitening, products for at-home teeth whitening and Phillips Zoom teeth whitening treatments.

With KOR teeth whitening, patients have access to one of the newest and most revolutionary teeth whitening systems on the market. The process for this whitening service is simple. The dental team gives the patient customized trays to take home. For two weeks, the patient treats the stains on their teeth from home, after which they go into the office for an hour of teeth whitening from their dentist. This process can eliminate the darkness of even tetracycline-stained teeth, which was previously thought impossible, giving patients teeth up to 10 shades whiter.

For those patients seeking an easy alternative to teeth whitening, at-home teeth whitening is an option. This process uses a combination of clear plastic trays and whitening gel to help individuals lighten the dark stains on their teeth.

One final alternative patients can receive at Pure Dental Spa is Phillips Zoom teeth whitening. This whitening treatment takes place in a single session, utilizing LED light-activated technology and a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish, which can help brighten an individual’s smile by up to eight shades.

Pure Dental Spa aims to help every patient find the teeth whitening option to best suit their individual needs, whether they are seeking whitening of dark-stained teeth or they are simply in need of a convenient option they can use from the comfort of their own home.

For more information about Pure Dental Spa and the services it can provide, visit them online or give them a call at 630-426-6001.

About Pure Dental Spa: Pure Dental Spa aims to provide a high level of care with their dental services in a comfortable environment. Among the services offered by Pure Dental Spa are teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, wisdom teeth removal and more, all utilizing only the best dental technology.

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