Puleo’s Auto Clinic Offers is now providing an ‘Online Glove Box’!

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Puleo’s Auto Clinic Offers Online Glove Box – Car owners can sign in to their personal online glove box and find the car maintenance and auto repair service history for their cars. Puleo’s Auto Clinic is happy to help customers keep track of all auto repair services performed on their vehicles. Read more for details.

Washington, NJ (Puleo’s Auto Clinic) June 21, 2021

Puleo’s Auto Clinic, a full-service auto repair shop located in Washington, NJ, is now providing an “online garage” for car owners to track the history of their car maintenance and auto repair services. Do you remember when you last had the tires rotated, or coolant added to the radiator? When did you last schedule 4WD repairs to the 4WD system? If you’re like most people, it’s easy to lose track of the routine car maintenance and service records.
How do you sign-in, you ask? It’s easy! Visit the dynamic new website of Puleo’s Auto Clinic and find the tab entitled “Online Garage.” Download the mobile app and you are ready to find every service record for your vehicle—what it cost down to the penny and the exact distance at the time of your visit. All car maintenance and repair item is tracked for you automatically. As an added bonus, you can track the maintenance and repairs you have taken care of yourself, or even at other auto repair shop. PLUS, you will automatically be qualified to get many other application highlights that will add enjoyment to your car ownership experience!

Puleo’s Auto Clinic offers specials on various types of vehicle maintenance and auto service, such as oil changes, inspections of radiators, brakes, tires, and 4WD systems. You can trust Puleo’s to help take care of your automotive repair issues, no matter how minor or how serious they may be. They offer quality auto repair services at reasonable prices.
About Puleo’s Auto Clinic

Puleo’s Auto Clinic, a full-service auto shop located in Washington, NJ, has been providing superior car maintenance and automotive repair since 1963. Their team of ASE Certified mechanics focuses on brilliant customer service, integrity, and experience, using the latest in automotive technology. Drop-off and pick-up service are available in and around Washington. The friendly and courteous staff of Puleo’s Auto Clinic is proud to serve car owners residing in Washington, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

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