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ProductHood & HireTale announce strategic partnership to help companies hire best product managers

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Lokesh Gupta
New Delhi, India
Phone:+91-9818006746 & announce strategic partnership to help companies hire best product management talent across India, Middle East & South East Asia. & today announced a strategic partnership to utilize their respective expertise in Product Management & Recruitment to help companies hire best product management talent across India, Middle East & South East Asia.

The partnership will help companies of all sizes save time and money in searching, screening and evaluating product management professionals across all experience levels and skillsets.

Product Management is one of the most important functions in product companies of all shapes and sizes. Product managers not only provide strategic guidance to a product and its various stakeholders but also ensure that the product vision gets implemented and see the light of the day by reaching into the hands of the customer.

Building the right product for the customer is a challenging job and so equally challenging is to hire the right product manager who understands the product vision, have the necessary skill set with experience and can work with the team like an extended family.

Unlike technology hiring, product hiring takes time as there are no defined skill sets of a product manager. A product manager can come from diverse fields and education background and even the most experienced product manager may not fit into a company’s requirements. Programming tests or multiple choice questions are grossly inadequate to measure the caliber and fitment of the candidates for product hiring. Majority of the companies spend months screening, evaluating prospective candidates in the search for the right candidate and in the process spend time and money which is a big opportunity cost for the company.

On the other hand, product management candidates face problems in finding the right job opportunities as per their skillset and experience. As it is an evolving field, so still many candidates do not understand the hiring process well, and often do not get the required feedback post interview rejection.

In order to solve the pain point of hiring right product management professionals for the startups and corporates, ProductHood and HireTale will jointly own the leg work of screening and evaluating product managers via case study assignments, face 2 face interviews with detailed feedback so that only the best candidates make it to the company HR for evaluation, thereby saving time and money. In addition to this, we aim to provide holistic feedback to the candidate, so that she can perform better in future interviews.

Speaking on the collaboration, Lokesh & Vivek said that the partnership will bring HireTale’s network of over 8000 companies & recruiters in touch with ProductHood’s community of 1 lakh+ product professionals across Asia, thus creating a new ecosystem where companies can hire the best talent at a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about how we add value to product professionals and recruiters in their hiring requirements from the link

About Partners is a growth platform for product makers including product managers and marketers. It has a community of 100,000+ product professionals across Asia. It also provides a boutique product management as a service to startups and corporates in Asia primarily in India and the Middle East. ProductHood is started by Lokesh Gupta who is an IIT Delhi Alumni (Chemical Engineering, Dual Degree) with 15 years of experience in technology and product management., started by Vivek Jain (IIT Guwahati, Computer Science), is a specialized recruitment platform with 8000+ recruiters and 180,000 job aspirants from premium institutes and companies. It solves the “problem of plenty” in the recruitment industry which is plagued by irrelevant applications and jobs. HireTale brings relevancy factor into the equation and focuses on “right fit” candidate by evaluating each candidate’s profile against multiple job role metrics.

For more details about the partnership or the services offered, you can reach us at or

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